‘Bachelorette’ alum Tyler Cameron teases relationship status!

Last Modified: 4th Apr

Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron has finally revealed his relationship status after splitting from his ex-girlfriend Paige Lorenze over a year ago.

Tyler Cameron (Source: Amazon Studio)

“I’d say I’m less floating [around in the dating scene], more dating someone,” he revealed.

Although the reality TV star did not reveal the name of the person he is dating, there have been speculations that his special lady is no other than his friend Tate Madden.

Cameron, 31, rose to fame in the 2019 season of Bachelorette – to compete for the love of Hannah Brown.

Tyler Cameron, Hannah Brown (Source: ABC)

Since then, the Going Home with Tyler Cameron star has moved back from New York City to his hometown of Jupiter, Florida over a year ago.

He explained, “It’s not as many people to pick from, like if you were like in New York or LA, but I think what I love about Jupiter is just got good, real people, and I can always connect with those kind of people. It’s been good for me. Trying to slow down, trying to date, I’m trying to do the right thing these days.”

The former reality TV star has been living a quiet life but has admitted to getting a decent amount of Instagram DMs from women.

“The DMs are still crazy. Some wild stuff still comes in all the time. I mean, nothing compares to the craziness of that show. That was one of the most wildest times of my life. But yeah, it’s I guess it’s tapered off a little bit,” he confessed.

After finishing second in the dating show, he briefly dated supermodel Gigi Hadid in late 2019.

Tyler Cameron, Gigi Hadid (Source: The ImageDirect)

He also was in a relationship with model Camila Kendra for eight months before breaking up in August 20201.

In July 2022, the hunk made his relationship with social media influencer Paige Lorenze public but broke up just three weeks later.

“We actually had to take a step back. It wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t good for us. But we both have tons of respect and love for each other,” he said at the time.

He had not been public with his relationships since then.

Speaking of his desire to stay in Jupiter, Florida, and eventually raise a family there, he shared, “I want to be a high school football coach for my local high school, Jupiter High, and hopefully I have a bunch of kids and married and start living that life.”

Tyler Cameron (Source: Prime Video)

On the show Going Home with Tyler Cameron, he is currently documenting his journey in his construction, and home renovation company - Image 1 Construction.

The TV personality is also focused on “building up my real estate portfolio.”

“I wanted to showcase things that I truly loved. If I’m going to be in this [reality TV] world, I want to really do it and do the things I truly care about. If I’m going to do it, let’s do it right and make it special.” he said of his plans for the next 10 years.

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