Celebs have too much money

Last Modified: Dec 28, 2021

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How do celebs make their money and what do they spend it on? Social media plays an important part in their success. 

Today’s celebs are so rich that they literally don’t know what to do with all their money. Their presence on social media means that they also have millions of followers, and this only adds to their net worth.  Celebs set trends and fads, and fans try to emulate them in any possible way.

But it’s obvious that we can’t really copy all that they do. The fortunes that Hollywood celebrities have means that they can choose to live their life in any way they want. They can live in any sized house, buy any furniture their heart's desire, jet off to any exotic destination and even buy a sports team if they’re in the mood.  

This is not something that the average Joe can do.

But isn’t that really why we follow them on social media and read the gossip columns religiously? If we can’t be them, we can do the second-best thing and live vicariously through them.  We can marvel at their homes, and peek at them on vacation. We can watch them on reality shows and take sides in their relationship problems.

How Celebs Make Their Money

Once upon a time, celebrities were actors who appeared in movies or on stage and gathered a following of fans. They were admired for their acting abilities and made their money by appearing in more movies. The more popular the celebrity was, the higher the fee he or she could command

The same goes for talented sports players across the spectrum, who were once only paid for their gaming talents.

Celebrities first began appearing in advertisements on TV or in newspapers to endorse particular products, and that trend served as the basis for the New Celeb – the one who has zero talent except knowing how to use social media in his or her favor.  Social influencers who manage to collect a high number of interested followers can make or break a product in a second. 

Social media has broken all barriers when it comes to money-making opportunities. 

Many celebs make big bank from side gigs like sponsoring online poker and online casino sites. Just their face on a site such as Jackpot Jill Casino is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Others choose to wear brands of clothing and get paid to do so. They’re paid to eat in a certain restaurant, visit a particular art gallery, wear a brand’s shoes to play sports in. The list is endless.

How do Celebs Spend Their Money

Close your eyes and think for a moment what you’d spend your money on if you had endless amounts. There is no limit to the things that celebrities their money on, nor a limit on how much they’re prepared to pay.

Here are a few things that celebs spend their millions on:


Many of today’s celebrities travel between locations and have homes in more than one city, or even country. The richest man in the world, Bill Gates owns six different homes, including two horse farms, an oceanfront mansion in San Diego, and his primary residence in Washington with its 24 bathrooms.

Leonardo DiCaprio also has six homes – four of them in California, one on a private island in Belize, and a high-rise New York apartment overlooking the Hudson.

And what about the Kardashians, whose real estate portfolio - before their divorce - consisted of a $60 million home in Calabasas, CA, a house near the popular golf resort in La Quinta, and four other properties.

But these are small fish, compared to Taylor Swift’s eight homes or Jeff Bezos’ 10 homes, four of them in New York City alone.


We’ve seen how celebs like to jet-set around the world, soaking up the sun in exotic places throughout the year.

Popular places for the rich and famous include private island retreats, New York City, Ibiza, Lake Como in Italy, the Caribbean Island of St. Barts, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, St. Tropez in France, and Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

Many of these places boast exotic beaches, exclusive nightlife, and luxurious resorts.

Health and Beauty

Celebs spend millions on aesthetic treatments such as Botox and fillers, as well as plastic surgery to maintain their youthful looks and screen-worthy faces and bodies.

Money is also spent on personal chefs to cook up healthy meals, trendy diets, skincare products, makeup, personal shoppers, gym instructors, and clothes.


Without a doubt, celebs have too much money to spend. Thankfully, many of them choose to donate a lot of their money to worthy causes and to make a difference in the world. Others use their money to support causes they believe in or politicians whose policies they support.

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