Chrissy Teigen’s mom pays tribute to grandson after pregnancy loss

Last Modified: Oct 2, 2020

Chrissy Teigen’s mother Vilailuck Teigen has posted a series of pictures and a video from the hospital following Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy loss on Wednesday. 

“My heart aches,” Vilailuck wrote alongside the post containing her holding the baby. “Love you so much baby Jack.”

Vilailuck Teigen holds Jack (Image: Instagram- posted Oct 2020)

Teigen, 34, had announced that she suffered a pregnancy loss after being hospitalized in Los Angeles over the weekend. She had been expecting a baby boy named Jack with her 41-year-old husband John Legend. They also share two children Luna, 4, and Miles, 2. 

Chrissy Teigen explained in her Instagram that she had to experience bleeding during the past month of her pregnancy and had received blood transfusions. “It’s just like an IV, except its not fluids, it’s human blood,” she had said, adding, “Baby and I are completely fine, just missing the little things like walking…cooking…playing with the other buttbutts.”

We are shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before,” she wrote in the heartbreaking post, “We were never able to stop the bleeding and give our baby the fluids he needed, despite bags and bags of blood transfusions. It just wasn’t enough.”

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend hold Jack (Image: Instagram- posted Oct 2020)

“To our Jack - I’m so sorry that the first few moments of your life were met with so many complications, that we couldn’t give you the home you needed to survive. We will always love you,“ Teigen continued, “Thank you to everyone who has been sending us positive energy, thoughts, and prayers. We feel all of your love and truly appreciate you.”

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