Christina Ricci files for restraining order against husband James Heerdegen

Last Modified: Jan 21, 2021

Christina Ricci has been granted a restraining order against her husband James Heerdegen late Wednesday.

The 40-year-old actress had filed divorce from her husband of seven years in July, accusing him of the alleged abuse.

Christina Ricci, James Heerdegen (Image: Page Six)

The Casper star claims that Heerdegen attacked her twice in June 2020, allegedly dragging her around the house and threw coffee and a chair at her. Another detail revealed that James told Ricci “the only way he could feel sorry for me is if I were dismembered into small pieces” in late 2019, “something that made me think that [he] could kill me.”

The restraining order mandates Heerdegen keep at least 100 yards from Ricc and their 6-year-old son Freddie, and have no contact with them. She’s also seeking a formal court order to block him from returning to their home and blocking him to release unspecified audio and video which she fears will be used to extort or “humiliate and embarrass” her.

Heerdegen told TMZ via his attorney Larry Bakman that he “unequivocally denies all allegations of abuse made by Ms. Ricci as having occurred in 2020.” He also added that he plans to file his own restraining order against Ricci adding her abusive behavior fueled by alcohol and substance abuse.

Ricci and Heerdegen met in 2011 on the set of Pan Am and married in 2013. James Heerdegen is worked as a film producer.

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