Irish Superstars Who Love The Gaelic Games

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Have you watched Gaelic football before? Hurling? If not, these are brilliant sports to check out, which differ immensely from the more famous global sports you may be used to. Both sports are action-packed and cultural lynchpins in Ireland, and we’re sure you’ll love them. When watching, check out the Gaelic football betting odds to add a little extra entertainment to your watching pleasure.

It is not just the common man who loves these sports; Irish celebrities have long been known for adoring and supporting these traditional Irish games. Both sports hold a special place in the hearts of many Irish people, and it is no surprise that notable figures from the entertainment world have openly shown their passion for these games. Let’s take a look at which Irishmen and women love these sports.

Colin Farrell

The charismatic Irish actor has consistently voiced his love for Gaelic football. Hailing from Dublin, Farrell is often seen attending matches, proudly cheering on his favorite team. In interviews, he has spoken passionately about the sport, highlighting its importance in Irish culture and its ability to unite communities.

Saoirse Ronan

One of Ireland's most talented actresses has also expressed her support for Gaelic football. Although born in New York, Ronan has deep Irish roots and has often spoken about her connection to her homeland. She has mentioned her fondness for Gaelic football, acknowledging the sport's significance and the pride it instills in the Irish people.


The world of music is not exempt from the influence of the Irish games. Hozier, the internationally renowned musician, is a big fan of hurling in particular. Growing up in County Wicklow, he developed a strong affinity for the sport. The singer has spoken openly about his love for hurling in interviews, citing its fast-paced nature and the sense of camaraderie it creates within communities.

Glen Hansard

This acclaimed singer-songwriter has not only embraced Irish music but also traditional games. Growing up in Dublin, Hansard developed a deep connection to Gaelic football. He has mentioned his love for the sport in interviews, emphasizing its role in shaping his identity and inspiring his music. Hansard has even incorporated Gaelic football into music videos, showcasing his dedication to the sport and his craft.

Gabriel Byrne 

The esteemed Irish actor has also spoken about his admiration for Gaelic football. Raised in Dublin, Byrne has fond memories of playing the sport in his youth. He has mentioned how Gaelic football taught him valuable lessons about teamwork and perseverance, which have influenced his approach to acting and life in general.


Paul Hewson, aka Bono, is another Irish celebrity known for supporting Gaelic football. Despite his demanding touring schedule, Bono has expressed his love for the sport and allegiance to his local team. His influence as a global music icon has helped bring attention to Gaelic football, further contributing to its popularity.

These Irish celebrities, among others, have succeeded in their respective fields and embraced their Irish heritage by openly showing their love for the traditional Irish games. Their support helps promote and preserve these sports, ensuring their place in Irish culture and inspiring future generations to engage with and celebrate their heritage.

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