Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie XO celebrates first anniversary of retiring from adult industry

Last Modified: 3rd Mar

Bunnie XO, the wife of Jelly Roll, has celebrated one-year anniversary after retiring from the adult industry.

The Dumb Blonde podcast host took to Facebook to repost her status from March 2023.

Bunnie XO (Source: Instagram)

“Awww a year ago I retired from the SW industry,” she wrote. “I was SO scared to let go of that part of my life & leave behind the money I was making - wasn’t sure how I’d make up that part of my business. But I had faith & let God have it & he made sure I made it back 10 fold.”

Bunnie XO, whose birth name is Alyssa DeFord, went on to thank people close to her.

“So thankful to all of you who believe in me & sub to my Patreon, buy merch, listen to the pod & engage daily w/ me. THANK YOU,” she concluded.

Bunnie XO (Source: Instagram)

Back in 2023, she announced her retirement.

“Just officially shut down my spicy site. What a fun ride that was. On to the next bag baby,” she wrote at the time.

Fans were confused when she announced she was retiring from sex work as she had been married to the country singer for more than seven years.

Bunnie XO (Source: Instagram)

She went on to clarify the confusion.

The 44-year-old wrote on Facebook, “A lot of ppl seem to be confused as to how I just retired from SW last year because I’ve been married for 7 years lol.. so here’s the answer. I’m an open book & don’t mind letting y’all kno..”

She explained, “I have always worked & made money on my own, when I married J I refused to give up my independence & rely solely on him. And to be honest he never once asked me to. He knew how important it was to me to make my own money. But he did always say, “One day baby you won’t have to do this anymore.”

She revealed that in 2018 she started her own brand Bunnie Xo by funding her income from sex work without help from anyone. In 2020 she relied on OnlyFans instead of having to rely on clients & having sugar daddies.

“Finally in 2022, my business Bunnie Xo started making just as much money - if not more than my SW money. So I couldn’t justify still having that part of my life when the new brand I created was thriving so much,” she shared.

The former escort concluded, “I also didn’t want to be the only wife in the country music scene whose butthole was on the internet. But my husband never once asked me to give up anything in my life. So I decided to retire & 100% immerse myself into the Bunnie Xo brand in 2023.”

Jelly Rol, born Jason Bradley DeFord, married Bunie in 2016. They had met when he was living out of a van and doing shows for $100.

Jelly Rol, Bunnie XO (Source: Getty Images)

The couple do not have any children together. However, Bunnie is stepmother to Jelly’s two children.

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