Jennifer Aydin’s speaks of husband Bill’s decade old affair

Last Modified: 9th Sep

Jennifer Aydin has come candid about her plastic surgeon husband Dr. Bill Aydin’s affair.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has revealed that she has forgiven her husband for his decade-old affair and is glad she stayed.

In a throwback picture of their family, the 44-year-old reality star wrote, “I’m glad I stayed…and forgave #aydinfamily #tbt.” 

The couple is parents to their five children- Justin, 17, Gabriella, 14, Jacob, 12, Christian, 10, and Olivia, 9.

The Aydin family (Image: Instagram)

The 43-year-old surgeon left his wife while she was pregnant with his fourth child – now 10-year-old Christian. His mistress was a pharmaceutical rep.

Their marital secret was revealed when season 12 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey went into production last summer.

It was revealed that 9-year-old Olivia discovered her father’s infidelity via TikTok.

Jennifer recalls, “We had a blogger leak this awful storyline and somebody made a TikTok on it. My sweet little Olivia — who threw a beautiful anniversary party for us [on ‘RHONJ’ Season 11] to show how her parents are still in love — saw a TikTok that said ‘the big secret.’”

She further shared that Olivia defended her parents in the comments section writing, “This is my mommy and daddy and this is not true!”

Jennifer said sadly, “She came to me to show me her comment and said, ‘Look, Mommy, I’m defending you from all of these lies.’ I said, ‘It’s for the show and it’s not good if we release things, so maybe we shouldn’t draw attention.’ I had her take it down that way.”

She continued, “I sat her down and I kept my composure because I realized [my kids] will react to however Mommy’s acting. I put on a brave face and said, ‘Listen, Daddy did a bad thing. But that doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person. And when we love people, we forgive them when they make mistakes. And I’ve forgiven him and I’m OK.’ She wasn’t upset because I wasn’t upset.”

Since then Jennifer and Bill have discussed the affair with the rest of their children.

“My husband told Justin. I was in the room, and Justin kind of was almost irritated, like, ‘I don’t ever want to talk about this ever again.’ He’s not watching this season. My Gabriella, she was more crushed. She felt very betrayed and was angry for a bit but we got through that. And my two [younger] boys, they’re neither here or there.”

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