Meet Lucy Bella Earl- the new gen "EduTuber" with over 1.7 million subscribers and counting!

Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019

Lucy Bella Earl is among a new breed of YouTubers, the "EduTuber". The well-known YouTuber first started her YouTube channel back in 2016. But how did she turn from a marketing student to a YouTube English teacher?

Source: Instagram (Lucy Bella Earl)


How it all began

Back before 2016, Lucy Bella Earl was on a year abroad studying for her marketing degree. She was in Madrid when she started teaching English. But she soon realized that she herself needed some lessons in Spanish. So, she went looking for videos to help her get better in Spanish.

She stumbled across YouTubers like Zoella who has a much personal teaching style and something clicked. Speaking to Business Insider at EduCon, she said,

“I noticed they were all about 20, 25 minutes long and it was just really, really slow. I just thought if someone could blend education with something really personal and just blend the one-to-one kind of aspect of YouTube, then it would be really cool.”

Source: Instagram (Lucy Bella Earl)


Trying it out

After graduating, YouTuber Lucy Bella Earl tried her hand at becoming an "EduTuber" or in simple terms educational YouTuber.  She opened her YouTube channel. But her videos were not so popular in the beginning and it took her two years, among which she worked full time for eight months. Finally, she reached her goals- one million subscribers.

The Burnout

YouTuber Burnout is one of the worst things a YouTuber has to face. Burnout refers to feeling mentally exhausted due to the pressure to constantly upload their content, maintain views and ad revenue and obtain subscribers. Other YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, and AlishaMarie have all revealed about their own struggles with burnout.

Source: Instagram (Lucy Bella Earl)

Earl too shared her feeling on the hot subject,

"I was producing too much for one person to produce, and then it hit me like a brick wall. I was like this is my one holiday, and I'm still working!"

Malik Ducard, YouTube's head of learning, social impact, family, film, and TV too spoke on the topic,

"We're focussed on creator wellbeing... we do not want creators to burn out. I'd say specifically with education, we are focussed on as part of the building blocks how can we make it a better place economically as well."

Need help with English? Here is a link to Lucy Bella Earl’s YouTube channel.

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