Maelyn Jarmon crowned the winner of The Voice season 16!

Last Modified: May 22, 2019

Maelyn Jarmon has been named the winner of season 16 of The Voice. Her victory on the singing competition is also shared with her coach, John Legend. She said after winning The Voice,

“I had no expectations coming into this. So to be standing here, I owe it to everyone who voted and streamed my songs. I do this for you. I’m so grateful!”

The Voice season 16 finalist  (NBC)

Other finalists included Team Blake's country singers Gyth Rigdon, Andrew Sevener, and Dexter Roberts. Sevener secured the fourth position, Roberts was placed third and Rigdon finished in the second.

The 26-year-old singer Jarmon had long secured her top position in The Voice in the blind audition where she turned all chairs with Fields of Gold.

Maelyn Jarmon, John Legend, Carson Daly (NBC)

Shortly after the win, Maelyn Jarmon’s boyfriend Johnny Murrell and mentor John Legend joined the stage.

Legend’s wife Teigen soon tweeted her response to the moment, 

Since the start of the season, Maelyn Jarmon has been able to capture the attention of fans and judges with her power-packed voice and touching story. 

At 2 years old, Jarmon had tubes inserted into her ears to treat her recurring ear infections. Unfortunately, the tubes damaged her eardrums, leaving her complexly deaf in her right ear and with only 80% hearing in the left ear.

Maelyn Jarmon performs on The Voice finale  (NBC)

That did not stop Maelyn Jarmon who had pursued a career in music since she was 13. She had spoken about her hearing disability ahead of the finale,

“I’ve considered it a superpower since I was young. It was never discussed as a disability through my house. It was never really talked about much at all. I didn’t know how [the show] was going to turn out because I had never been on this kind of platform or worked with in-ears before and that had its own challenges.

Last week, my in-ears went out halfway through my performance, and I couldn’t hear anything anymore. When that has happened to me before this show because I sometimes can’t hear, I’ll go based off feeling. I was able to do that in that moment because of my practice with that in the past. It has been, sometimes, an issue but mostly an advantage.”

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