Mark Anthony’s $7 million, 120-foot yacht catches fire, capsizes! Foul Play?

Last Modified: Dec 19, 2019

Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony's luxury yacht caught fire in Miami on Wednesday night – December 18.

Anthony was not on the yacht at the same but six or seven crew members who were there evacuated. 

Marc Anthony's yacht Andiamo went down in flames (Image: Miami Fire  Rescue)

The luxury vessel reported to be 120 feet and cost up to $7 million had five cabins that 12 people could sleep in. It also contained a  BBQ, satellite TV, WiFi, a Jacuzzi and docking stations for multiple jet skis. 

The yacht was reportedly on the market earlier this year but was not sold. Mark Anthony remained the owner of the yacht. Anthony hosted parties on the vessel, which has been featured on his social media numerous times.

Marc Anthony's yacht Andiamo had been featured on his social media pages (Image: Miami Fire  Rescue)

The Miami Fire Rescue fire crews scrambled to battle the blaze and save other boats from the massive flames. The boat was docked at the Island Gardens Marina when the emergency crews responded to the scene at 7.30 pm. The fire was controlled within two hours by more than 45 responders.

Photos showed fire blazing from the yacht's exterior and burning the upper deck as the flames reached the roof.

Miami Fire Rescue Cpt. Ignatius Carroll told WSVN,

“It’s still a very active scene right now. Because of the amount of fire on that ship, we had take more of a defensive attack, so we have our fire boats with Miami-Dade County as well."

Marc Anthony's yatch Andiamo went down in flames (Image: Miami Fire  Rescue)

The yacht, named Andiamo, has since capsized onto its side in the water and sustained enough damage to be rendered a complete loss.

It’s not clear how the fire started but is currently under investigation.

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