Mexican Actor Pablo Lyle punches 63-year-old Cuban man to death

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Pablo Lyle, the 32-year-old Mexican actor turned himself in on March 31, 2019, following a now fatal road rage.

The incident

Lyle punched a 63-year-old Cuban-born man, Juan Ricardo Hernández after a traffic incident on the Dolphin Expressway on March 31, 2019. The fight had started when the driver of the car in which Lyle was in the passenger seat cut Hernández on the way to the airport to make a U-turn. 

Witnesses revealed that Hernández had got out of his car screaming and swearing and banged on the window of Lyle’s car. Witnesses reported that the driver had asked Hernández to stop. When Hernández did not, Pablo Lyle punched the angry man in the face and left the scene, leaving the unconscious man.

Witnesses called 911 and Hernández was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Source: halids (Pablo Lyle)

Turned themselves in

After Lyle had dropped his family to the airport, he and the driver turned themselves in. Lyle said he punched the man once in self-defense as he feared for the safety of his family and 6-year-old son, who were in the car.

The driver said that he cut the man off after realizing he was going the wrong way en route to the airport. He also added that Hernandez blocked him at a traffic light and began to pound the glass while shouting insults.

Source: miamiherald (Pablo Lyle's mug shot)

Pablo Lyle was arrested on charges of assault. He was later released after he posted a $5,000 bond and was allowed to travel to Mexico.

Hernández’s death

Hernández’s family revealed that he had suffered a brain injury that led to an internal hemorrhage which resulted in a coma. After several days in the hospital, Hernández’s family disconnected his life-support systems.

Pablo Lyle faced new charges following the death of Hernández.

Short Bio

Pablo Lyle’s birth took place on November 18, 1986, in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México as Pablo Daniel Lyle López. He started as a model and now is a successful actor. Lyle is married and has two children with his wife…Full Bio

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