Michael Jai White’s eldest son died of COVID-19 months ago

Last Modified: Aug 4, 2021

Michael Jai White, well known for playing Al Simmons in the 1997 film Spawn, has revealed that his oldest son passed away from coronavirus “just a few months ago.” He was 38 years old.

The actor shared on VladTV that he was distraught because they had “grown-up at the same time” after welcoming him when he was just 15 years old. He added that his son lived in a “street element” which he thinks played a vital role in his demise.

“Unfortunately, the street element was very much a part of his life growing up,” he shared.

Talking about his dead son, White revealed that the death was not immediate and his son was “in a hospital for a while.”

Michael Jai White (Image: YouTube)

“Unfortunately, he was still kinda out there in the streets hustling, wasn’t doing well, started getting on substances,” the 53-year-old shared. “He’d come out, go back in, all that type of stuff. You try to do what to can but ultimately it's up to that person, especially if somebody is a grown person.”

Talking about the lifestyle in which his son lived, Michael Jai White revealed, “But he never shook the streets. It was always… that was his thing so. As somebody who tries to understand is that he lived the life he wanted to live. He made that choice. Ultimately when this whole… when he got sick and went to the hospital, COVID was waiting for him. That was the knockout blow.”

When asked if his son was vaccinated against COVID, White answered that he was not vaccinated.

“He was not doing well. His system was compromised because of other abuse.”  White said.

His son left behind six children.

Michael Jai White has seven children, including his deceased son, and excluding children from his wife’s previous relationship. But he considers the children from his wife’s previous relationships his children even if they aren’t biologically his.

White is also a great grandfather, his oldest great grand-kid being 3 years old.

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