Sara Evans, husband Jay Barker reconcile after assault charges

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Country singer Sara Evans has reconciled with her husband Jay Barker – years after an alleged domestic assault.

In the first episode of her new podcast Diving in Deep with Sara Evans, she confirmed getting back together with her spouse - more than two years after she filed for divorce.

Sara Evans (Source: Instagram)

Evans said, “We’re so happy now, but I don’t want anyone to think that I’m advocating staying in a relationship where you are ever, in your gut, you know that you need to exit the situation. Every woman needs to follow her gut on that and do what is best for her. I believe and I hope that I’ve done that.”

The 53-year-old songstress and the 51-year-old retired football player had married in 2008.

She had initially filed for divorce in August 2021.

In January 2022, the radio personality was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He had allegedly attempted to hit Evan’s car with his car.

Barker eventually agreed to a plea to a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment for which he served one year of probation.

During the podcast, Evans recalled the incident, revealing that they had gotten into a verbal fight earlier “because he wasn’t getting his way.”

Evans added that the same night he bombarded her with text messages while blaming her for ending their marriage. She shared that she was at a friend’s house with one of her daughters at the time.

Sara Evans with her children (Source: Instagram)

With ex-husband Craig Schelske, Evans has three children –daughters Audrey, 19, Olivia, 21, and son Avery, 24.

She explained during the podcast episode, “A friend of ours was driving me [home]. We were getting ready to pull into the driveway, and [Barker] had a verbal altercation with my child, who had never seen that side of him, ever. And it scared the s–t out of her.”

“Then he jumped in his truck, and he [was] sort of backing up at a very high speed. I knew Jay, so I didn’t feel the same way that my child felt. My child thought he was gonna plow our car down, that he was backing up towards our car, and that she was about to watch something horrific, or at the very least, an accident, which would have been his truck hitting my side of the car, where I was in the front seat,” she added.

Her daughter called 911 but Barker had left their home by the time police came. When he returned to the residence, he was arrested and jailed for a day.

“I just felt so ashamed and so stupid, and my child was so mad. But you know that she was standing there thinking, ‘He’s about to hit my mom with a truck.’ I don’t know how close he got honestly, and I don’t know what it looks like to her. But I heard her scream so loud,” Evans explained.

The podcast host added, “I really did not think that he was trying to hit our car. I think he was trying to back up as fast as he could to see who I was in the car with, to see if I was with another man. And my child thought, ‘He’s gonna run into them.’”

She claimed to have reconnected with her husband a few months later after he texted her, ‘Everybody says that I shouldn’t contact you, but you are still my wife.’

Sara Evans, Jay Barker (Source: Getty Images)

“A lot of women will judge me and want to judge me. When he said, ‘But you are still my wife,’ I don’t know. I just melted because I thought, ‘I am still your wife, and we can talk if we want to. We’re both adults,’” Evans explained.

“I just did not want to divorce again and start over,” she admitted. “I just pictured myself being alone and missing him and thinking, ‘We could’ve tried harder.’ But it took me filing for divorce, I think, for him to realize, ‘Oh s–t, she’s serious. This is it.”

The singer insisted that Barker is now a completely different person,” and she’s “happier than [she’s] ever been.”

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