Strategy is everything: Tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning at Book of Dead

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Ever since classic games of chance have existed, there have also been gaming systems and strategies to increase the chances of winning through certain gaming tactics. Systems have also quickly spread in online slots. For although the winnings or the chances of winning are determined by probability, the choice of a game tactic clearly influences the chances of winning.

The new bestseller: Book of Dead

Book of Dead has rapidly risen to become one of the most sought-after online slots, dethroning its predecessor, Book of Ra, in the popularity charts. If you're eager to uncover comprehensive details about this thrilling online game and gain valuable insights into game tactics, you've come to the right place.

While we can't guarantee certain wins, we can guide you on how to navigate the gaming waters with finesse, all without negating the inherent house advantage of a casino. With the right approach and strategy, you can ride the waves of chance and aim for sustainable winnings.

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Strategies for Book of Dead

Determine the optimal play

A sound game strategy is a tool to play more controlled and responsible as a player. Choosing the optimal bet level has an impact on real winnings.

Book of Dead as a game is characterized by high volatility. In practice, this means that quite a few players have problems determining the optimal betting level. Those who choose too high stakes tend to play too few games. If the stakes are too low, the chances of winning are only exploited to a disproportionately small extent.

Due to the probability calculation, you can calculate as a player that in Book of Dead at least three or more scatter symbols will award free spins approximately every 500 spins. The core of the game algorithm is programmed in such a way that wins outside of bonus rounds occur less frequently than average.

It follows that in order to achieve an optimal game frequency in relation to individual stakes with your existing game stake, you should not stake more than half a percent of your game capital in a single game in high-risk (volatile) online slots. If your playing capital (limit) is 50 euros, then a single bet results in a maximum of 25 cents/game or a guaranteed 200 games (without taking winnings into account). If the maximum stake is reduced to 20 cents, then 250 games can already be played. However, if much less is wagered, the winnings tend to be low.

Take advantage of the casino or welcome bonus

A very reliable way is always the welcome or casino bonus. If the welcome bonus is linked to a deposit, then Book of Dead should be played with it in a concentrated way.

Always rely on the power of limits

Man is a homo ludens (man is a gambler), our brain likes to play and releases the happiness hormone endorphin as a kind of reward. We feel good. Well, in life there is nothing without counter-effects. Unfortunately, endorphin lowers risk awareness. In practice, this means that even if we lose, we continue to gamble and, if necessary, raise the stakes. For this very reason, a loss limit makes a lot of sense and as a gambler, you don't lose track. Even those who play on a PC should be aware of the power of limits. Because if you like to gamble on sports games, then the operating system should be configured correctly.

Winning through payouts

Whether at the bar, at the stock exchange, or in an online casino, a gambler should always know his limit. This does not only concern the amount of the stake. Just as important is the timing of the withdrawal of winnings. The reason is that at some point 'luck' tips over - that's how the software is programmed. If you keep playing, you are very likely to lose. Therefore, when you have won four and a half to seven times your deposit: stay cool, stop, and have your winnings paid out.

Hands off: This is how you are guaranteed to lose at Book of Dead

  • The first principle: Always keep control: Over the total stake, the amount of the individual stake, and the playing time. Never exceed the limits you have set yourself, but stick to them!

  • Gambling is a leisure activity that is fun. But gambling can only be fun if you play with free money (money you definitely have leftover). Under no circumstances should you gamble with other people's money (family, friends, acquaintances, credit) and you should never use money that you need for fixed purposes (rent, telecom, insurance)!

  • Winnings cannot be forced when playing. It doesn't matter whether you have played 50, 75 or 100 rounds. Free spins fall at random. Clever players stop and do so consistently.

  • A no-deposit bonus is not bad. But as a rule, casinos limit the winnings from the bonus. Often there is no more than 100 euros in it. With an online slot like Book of Dead, much higher winnings are possible. These can then not be realized. Therefore, in this case, you should only play on machines that pay out smaller winnings frequently.

  • Yes, unfortunately, they do exist, the unlicensed online casinos. They almost always have one common denominator: they promise particularly high winnings and bonus programs that are extremely inviting. However, the problems start when players want their winnings paid out. De facto, this means that the money is gone.

Prejudices and urban gambling legends

It is often claimed by ill-informed bloggers, but there is no evidence that the following points have any influence on the amount or probability of winning. The reason Games of chance are always based on mathematical odds. In roulette, every number has the same probability of falling. In the long run, e.g. over a month or half a year, all numbers will be played out equally often. This is a result of probability theory.  It doesn't matter whether they bet on 1, 9, 14, 34 or the zero.

The algorithm of an online game converts the actually simple and precise mechanics of a roulette wheel into a mathematical and by no means simple formula.

A statement like 500 games come Scatter symbols are not fixed programming. They arise on the basis of the various programmed probability factors. Licensed games of chance have no memory function for winnings or even a pre-programmed game sequence that a player only has to 'catch' to win.

  • The amount of the stake has no influence on the probability of winning or whether there is a large or small prize.

  • The day of the week or the time of day also does not influence the payouts.

  • The operating system (iOS or Android) of a smartphone has no influence. The same applies to payment methods.

  • Geographical influences are also excluded. So it doesn't matter where a player lives. The same applies to age and gender.

In summary, the text teaches that having a good plan is key to doing better in online slot games like Book of Dead. It explains that even though these games are mostly about luck, making smart choices can help you win more. The article gives tips like picking the right amount to bet, understanding the game's high chance of big ups and downs, and using special casino offers. It also stresses the importance of setting limits on how much you bet and how long you play to keep things under control. Lastly, it clears up some wrong ideas about how online slot games work, reminding players that these games are random. This guide is really helpful for players who want to play these games more wisely and safely.

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