The Best Actors of 2022

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The world of film is a large and wonderful one. Every year, movie fans are treated to more and more amazing stories to enjoy and get lost in. Without the world of film, it is safe to say that life would be a lot duller. After all, movies are great for relaxing, telling tales, and making memories – so it is no wonder this form of media has become a significant part of most people’s lives.

Of course, amazing movies are not possible without talented actors. Every year, some actors rise above others. These actors can help to define a year or even an entire period of time. The hard work of these professionals does not go unnoticed, and the best of the bunch who deliver outstanding performances deserve the rewards and nominations they receive.

So, as the end of 2022 approaches, which actors have made the biggest impact this year? Here is a look at some of the standout actors and their performances in 2022.  

Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the most recognizable actors in the world – for good reason too. He is full of talent and has shown that on multiple occasions. For example, he has shown his comedic qualities in the likes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Men in Black. In contrast, he was offered his more serious side in intense films such as Focus – a movie that was so gripping with its gambling depictions that it may still inspire fans to get in the casino mood and visit the best online casino in the US.

Despite a long history of incredible performances, it was in 2022 that Smith got his first Oscar; he received the best actor award for his role in King Richard – a film in which he played the role of tennis icons Serena and Venus Williams’ father, Richard.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

When it comes to hard-working entertainers, Dwayne Johnson falls into that category. The former WWE star has made quite the name for himself in Hollywood. He has starred in an abundance of blockbuster movies and is showing no signs of slowing down.

In 2022, Johnson will see two major films hit the big screen. Both films fall into the superhero genre, as he will star in Black Adam and DC League of Super-Pets. Audiences highly anticipate both these films, and there is no doubt that “The Rock” will be back next year with even more epic releases.

Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt is one of the most beloved actors in the world. For almost three decades now, Pitt has been in some of the best films ever made. Despite coming up to his 60th birthday, the actor is still busy creating content for the big screen.

There are three major films in which you can find Brad Pitt starring throughout 2022. Babylon, Bullet Train, and The Lost City all-star Pitt in this year’s releases. So, despite being almost 35 years separated from his big screen debut, there is still plenty to come from Pitt.

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