"Total Divas" star Sonya Deville came out on national TV- and it was cringy!

Last Modified: 9th Sep

Reality TV star Sonya Deville’s coming out experience was a memorable one.

The WWE wrestler who is currently starring in E!’s Total Divas revealed in an interview with Daily Pop how she went from being in the closet to out-and-proud on national television.

Although the star featured her journey on the show, she revealed that it had taken her years to get to this point in her relationship with her girlfriend Arianna Johnson.

Sonya Deville, Arianna Johnson (Image: Instagram)

According to Sonya Deville, four years ago, she was asked by Triple H if she was in a relationship while filming WWE Tough Enough. Even though the question was simple, she had a dilemma to give an answer. 

Deville revealed, 

“For me, I wasn't openly gay at that time and I had a girlfriend. So, what's going through my mind in that moment is, 'Do I lie? No, I can't lie. My girlfriend will kill me when I get home.' So, I'm like, 'Well, I have to tell the truth, right?' So, I was like, 'Uh, yeah, I have a girlfriend. But, not a wife yet.' And got really awkward and gave like a really cringe answer."

And it was Triple H who made it clear to her that she came out on national television.

Sonya Deville (Image: WWE)

Sonya Deville, now 26 years old, continued,

“Triple H started laughing and he's like, 'I think you came out on national television. And so, I ran upstairs, called my mom. I was like, 'I just came out on national TV.'

It forced me to be true with myself. In that moment, I was put on the spot and I had to tell my truth. From then on it was like, 'Wait, now I have to live my truth, 'cause everybody knows.'"

Deville, who was born Daria Berenato is currently dating her girlfriend Arianna Johnson.

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