Veteran actress Rebecca Balding dead at 73

Last Modified: Jul 21, 2022

Actress Rebecca Balding who is best known for her work in the TV show Soap and Charmed has passed away on 18th July. Her husband James L. Conway- an actor and director, confirmed the news. She was 73.

Conway also revealed the cause of her death to be ovarian cancer and had been battling the disease for quite some time.

Rebecca Balding in Lou Grant (Image: Getty Images)

The late actress was born in 1948 in Little Rock, Arkansas. After years of working in Chicago as a stage actress, Balding headed to Los Angeles where she eventually booked the role of a Russian spy in two episodes of the series The Bionic Woman. However, she is best known for portraying attorney Carol David in the TV series Soap, where she played the character for a total of 19 episodes- from 1977 to 1981.

She had the opportunity to star alongside actor Bill Crystal, who plays a gay man named Jodie, in the said series.

Her other screen credits were in the series Charmed, Makin’ It, Lou Grant, The Gathering, Mr. and Mrs. and Ms, 7th Heaven. She was also famed for appearing in the 1977 movie Deadly Game alongside fellow stars Andy Griffith and James Cromwell., in the 1979 horror film Silent Scream, and in 1981’s The Boogens.

Rebecca Balding in Soap (Image: Everett Collection)

She had actually met her future husband Conway while auditioning for The Boogens. Her most recent work was in the 2005 drama film Yesterday’s Dreams.

Aside from her husband,  Rebecca Balding is survived by two daughters- Sarah, Kathleen, and several grandchildren.

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