YouTuber Brittani Boren Leach reveals late son Crew’s organs saved two lives

Last Modified: Jan 16, 2020

Brittani Boren Leach has let the world know her "bittersweet" call. 

The YouTube star, who lost her 4-month-old son Crew Turner Leach in late December 2019, revealed that his organs have saved the lives of two young boys. She took to Instagram with a touching message about her son,

“I never got around to posting my maternity pictures with Crew because by the time I got them back, he had already made his VERY fast and furious entrance to the world. I almost didn’t take maternity pictures because I was just so “busy”. I’m glad I did because little did I know, he would spend more time in my belly than he did out. And while he was here he wanted to be with his Mama as much as possible. Now I know why.”

Brittani Boren Leach, Jeff Leach in late December 2019 (Image: Instagram)

She continued,

“We got the bittersweet call a few days ago, that his liver saved the life of a 1-year-old boy, and his heart saved the life of a 7-month-old boy. He would be 4 months old today, and every fiber of my being misses him every single second of the day.”

Brittani’s husband Jeff Leach had spoken via Facebook about making the difficult decision to donate his late infant son’s organs,

“We have made the difficult decision to donate Crew’s organs in the hopes that he can help another child and family in need. Crew fought bravely, so we could spend this time together. We’re so blessed to have been here with him.”

Brittani Boren Leach, Jeff Leach with their children - posted December 2019 (Image: Instagram)

He also revealed that the doctors had diagnosed Crew’s brain as “catastrophic & irreparable.”

Brittani also shared emotional details of her infant son’s funeral in an Instagram post,

“We buried him dressed in a gown made from my wedding dress, with a small favorite toy from each of his siblings, and this striped wrap placed snugly over him. I figured, who is better to carry him until I get there, than Jesus.”

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