Zac Efron got plastic surgery? Twitter reacts to his new appearance

Last Modified: 9th Sep

Actor Zac Efron shocked fans and viewers alike after appearing in a video promoting Earth Day where he looked unrecognizable. Did he get plastic surgery? Here is what we know.

After the 33-year-old High School Musical star appeared in Bill Nye‘s “Earth Day Musical” special for Facebook Watch on Thursday, April 22 with what seems to be augmented jaw and lips, fans took to Twitter to write about  Efron’s new look.

Zac Efron in Bill Nye‘s Earth Day Musical (Image: Facebook)

“LMAO, looks like he got stung by a bee,” one user wrote while another post read, “Zac Efron was way too inspired by The Weeknd‘s face shape.”

“Holy sh-t I can’t believe Zac Efron is Handsome Squidward.” wrote another person.

Many fans quickly defended the Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates star while some reminded others of his 2013 injury, which had left him with a broken jaw.

“Y’all do remember that Zac Efron broke his jaw, right? What happened to leading with kindness? Y’all forget so quickly,” wrote a fan.

Zac Efron and Dylan Efron (left) in March 2021 (Image: Instagram)

Another user posted on Twitter, “Zac Efron is surrounded by loved ones filming a show he cares deeply about, and you're online obsessing over an edited version of his face without any understanding as to why what is or isn't happening because you don't know him. Zac Efron is NOT your eye candy.”

“prayer circle that this is edited or an IG filter and Zac Efron did not ruin his perfect face.” a fan of Efron expressed her worry while another seemed to love his new look, “He looks exactly the same but hotter. Good for him.”

Despite all the Tweets and speculation, it is still unclear if Zac Efron actually had surgery.

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