4 Celebrities Who Won Big Bucks Through Gambling

Last Modified: Aug 3, 2022

There are a number of celebrities who have won big at the casino or through other means of betting or gambling. It is interesting to know and to follow how these celebrities still have a passion for winning and have won big bucks. Read on for the lowdown on four celebrities who have celebrated big wins from gambling.

Ben Affleck

This famous actor has been a professional poker player, and after winning the California State Poker Championship in 2004 he has made a pretty packet at the card tables. He has (strangely enough) also made a few casino or gambling movies that have allowed him to spend hours upon hours at the casino tables, honing his skills and learning the game. The New York Post once reported on how Ben played blackjack (or 21) at the same casino twice and had taken over a million dollars in winnings on both occasions.

Ben Affleck (Image: Film Daily)

Dana White

He has openly noted that card playing was like a part-time job for him, having won millions on several separate occasions. He also sticks to the card games—and his favorite is blackjack. The Palms Casino even gave him his own belt, nominating him the greatest player of all time. Yes, the UFC representative is arguably worth over US$500 million, and as such, winning a few million—or for that matter playing with a few million—isn’t a huge deal to him. He was a regular in the earlier days of the UFC but has seemed to either be playing at the casinos online in the USA or in the ultra-private and secret poker games that are exclusive for the rich and famous.

Floyd Mayweather      

As a top sportsman, it is no wonder and nor is it a secret that Floyd likes to spend some of his many millions on sports betting and gambling, and it was once rumored that he won a $3 million college bet. The retired, and greatest, the pound-for-pound fighter is also often on social media boasting about his big wins at the casino or on the bets he makes. He stated that if he truly feels for the game and has some insights on a boxing match, he can bet anything between $25,000 and $400,000—and this is just one bet.

Derren Brown

The popular magician and illusionist is well known for his frequenting the big casinos around the world. It was once suggested that he was banned after not ever losing a bet or at the card and casino game tables. Perhaps he was using magic to win, but either way, he has been known to win some pretty big bonuses and jackpots in his gambling days.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that all of the celebrities that win big when gambling earn big and as such, are then able to spend big at the tables or on the sure bets that they make. One has to perhaps, therefore, look at the amounts that are spent at the table and not simply take these reported big wins at face value. It is an exciting aspect of betting and gambling to follow and as the sector becomes more socially accepted and legitimate in the USA, there will be many more celebrities that win big bucks.

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