‘90 Day Fiancé’ Ashley Martson and Jay Smith still together? Fans blown away by scandalous leaks!

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Faithful followers of 90 Day Fiancé, you know what happened between the newlyweds- especially after 3 days of getting married! For those who don’t follow the reality show- here is the recap!

Ashley Martson, Jay Smith (Source: Instagram)

The Recap

Ashley Martson, 33, met Jay Smith, 20 in a club in Jamaica. She was there for a friend’s wedding. Martson returned to Pennsylvania, the United States, and was soon tracked down by Smith on social media. The two began talking and she visited him in Jamaica in six months. 

After eight days, he proposed. The couple in hopes of getting married and being together applies for a K1 visa and then is featured in 90 Day Fiancé.

Jay Smith comes to the US where the two got married in May 2018 despite many cheating claims by Martson's now estranged best friend, Natalie Crawford. Then the problems began- just three days after getting married. Smith is caught cheating on social media by his new wife, talking with a girl on Tinder.

The season ended with Martson upset and unsure about the incident while Smith struggled to own up to his mistake.

Divorce papers

Young and wild Smith, who cheated on Martson via social media, is a constant reminder of Martson’s previous partners. "Once [trust] is broken, it's pretty much broken. That's something extremely hard to come back from,” Martson had said. She has two children from previous relationships and had been engaged twice, but had called off the wedding due to her partner’s infidelity.

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Smith had set up a gofundme account to get his own place and moved out. Marston filed for divorce on January 11, 2019, after eight months of marriage, the same day as co-star Colt Johnson filed for divorce from Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Two days later, Martson was hospitalized following a Lupus diagnosis and kidney failure.

However, after nine days of filing the divorce papers, Ashley Martson withdrew the papers. The couple is still together and seems to be starting the better days. In early February 2019, the couple was spotted together in New York City.

The “leaking” account and publicity stunt

An Instagram account by the name callingyououtfraud2 was leaking Ashley Martson and Jay Smith’s wedding pics from Jamaica. Both Martson and Smith were shocked- well at least they pretended to be! They even tied to blame Natalie Crawford.

Turns out, the leaking Instagram account actually belongs to Smith. How do we know? Well, Smith accidentally live-streamed himself on the leaking account! 

Source: soap dirt (Smith's accidental live stream caught by a follower)

Both fans and fellow cast members had fallen for the publicity stunt. Many fellow TLC stars including Paola Mayfield, David Toborowsky, and Steven Frend took to social media to express their shock and betrayal.

So is the accidental live stream another plot? Whatever the truth is, it did gain them the spotlight! But the whole scandal did not weigh in for TLC. With enraged fans and brands pulling their endorsements, it may be a matter of time before TLC “pulls the plug.”

The rumors

According to tidbit, Martson was in a relationship when she met Jay Smith in Jamaica. She had told her boyfriend that she is going to a girl’s weekend at her friend’s wedding.

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