"Back with the Ex" stars! Are they still together for love or separated for good?

Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019

Back with the Ex premiered on NetFlix in 2018 for the first season. The series consists of 7 parts which aired on the Seven Network in Australia. As the name suggests, four couples try and get back together with their ex, making the final decision to either move on for good or give their relationship another shot!

The season followed 4 couple amidst their heartaches, heartbreaks and shocking moments. The final episode saw each couple making up minds to make it or break it! But what happened after the cameras stopped rolling? Here are the close insights!

Meg and Jeremy

Things had not worked out for Jeremy and Meg on the first try. Hoping to get back with ex-girlfriend Meg, 26, Jeremy, 28 had contacted the show, wishing to reconnect with Meg. They had dated on/off for seven years before breaking up 7 years ago when Jeremy had decided to travel the world instead. 

Source: POPSUGAR Australia (Meg and Jeremy)

With a roll down a roller-coaster and several shocking rows, the viewers thought they would separate for good. The surprise came on them when they shared they would indeed continue to officially date!

However, Jeremy and Meg revealed on the final episode that they had decided to go their separate ways.

Kate and Cam

Another couple on the show is Kate, 22 and Cam, 24. The young lovers had dated while in school for three years but had ended their relationship after Kate cheated in Cam. Kate had contacted the show, hoping she could tell Cam how sorry she was and how much she wanted to reconcile with Cam.

Source: BravoTV (Cam and Kate)

Following emotional talks of Kate with Cam’s mom, the couple seemed strong. However, following their social media, it seems they did not last long and have gone separate ways as well.

Peter and Diane

Their love story was the star of the show. Peter and Diane had met and fallen in love when they were young- 28 years ago! But then 21-year-old Diane was from the United States and then 28-year-old Peter from Australia. Distance got the better of them, breaking them apart after 2 years together.

Following marriage and divorce with their respective partners, Peter, now 57 hoped to get back together with Diane, now 50.

On the show, Peter proposed to Diane in front of Paris's Eiffel Tower, and the two were engaged! Diane had told WHO,

"I was very surprised by Peter’s proposal. Being in Paris with Peter was extremely romantic. All I wanted was for Peter to propose so that I knew he was deeply committed to me and me to him."

They were destined to be together- but the relationship had a bitter moment- once again!

Source: BravoTV (Peter and Diane)

Miles of distance between toll on their relationship and engagement- ending their relationship.

Speaking to WHO, Diane said,

"I thought Peter was the man I would be spending my life with as husband and wife. Because Peter and I have parents and children in our respective countries, the distance became a problem and a deal breaker for me. I was deeply saddened when things ultimately did not work out."

Lauren and Erik

Lauren, 36 and Erik, 32 dated for 6 years and broke up 6 times, before finally separating. Erik’s intense workout, controlling behaviour, busy schedule and getting to meet only once a week, drove the former couple in separate ways. 

Lauren and Erik were the most interesting couple on the show. Erik had even tried to pay for Lauren’s boob job for her birthday, followed by Lauren’s rejection of the particular gift!

Source: w3livenews (Erik and Lauren)

Hook or by Crook, Eric was determined to get back with Lauren and almost succeeded. Lauren had said, “We surely won’t work if he is still the same guy he was.”

While Eric had assured saying, “I’ve changed in many ways. If I met myself back then today, I would kick my own ass.”

The show ended with Lauren walking away!

Back With The Ex ended! Will there be a season 2? Here are the answers!

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