A List of Celebrities That Love Gambling

Last Modified: Oct 7, 2022

It comes as no surprise that many celebrities enjoy gambling. After all, what could be more thrilling than putting your hard-earned money on the line and trying to win big? Here is a list of some famous faces who love to gamble. Who knows, maybe you'll spot one of them at your favorite casino!

Brad Pitt

While most people know Brad Pitt as a successful actor, he is also known for his love of gambling. Reportedly, Pitt often frequents casinos in Las Vegas and has even been known to place bets on sports games. While some might see gambling as a harmful addiction, Pitt seems to enjoy the thrill of the game and has even said that he sees it as a form of entertainment.

In fact, Pitt once said in an interview that he sees gambling as "a way to experience life." For Pitt, gambling is about more than just winning or losing money; it's about taking risks and enjoying the ride. And, judging by his success in both Hollywood and the casino, it seems like Pitt knows a thing or two about taking risks.

George Clooney

George Clooney is one of Hollywood's most bankable stars. Not only is he an A-list actor, but he's also an accomplished director, producer, and screenwriter. But despite his many successes, Clooney has struggled with gambling addiction for much of his life.

He first developed a love for gambling while filming Ocean's Eleven in Las Vegas, and he soon began making regular trips to casinos and betting on sports. Clooney has admitted that his gambling habits have cost him millions of dollars over the years, but he has also said that it's something he can't seem to stop doing.

While Clooney's gambling addiction may seem like a minor vice, it's actually had a major impact on his life and career. In 2001, he was sued by a casino after failing to repay a $2 million debt, and in 2007, he was arrested for trespassing at a Las Vegas hotel after refusing to leave the premises when asked to do so by security. Thankfully, Clooney seems to be getting his gambling addiction under control in recent years, but it's certainly something that has caused him a lot of trouble over the course of his career.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. He's also a noted gambler. In fact, gambling is one of his favorite pastimes. He's been known to spend hours at the casino, playing blackjack, roulette, and poker. He's even placed bets on sports games. intriguingly, gambling isn't just a way for Damon to have fun - it's also a way for him to make money.

He's often said that he enjoys the challenge of trying to beat the odds. And judging by his track record, he's usually pretty successful. Of course, there are times when Damon does lose money gambling. But overall, it seems to be a habit that works well for him. So don't be surprised if you see Matt Damon placing a few bets the next time you're at the casino.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is no stranger to the casino. The Hollywood A-lister has been spotted at high-stakes blackjack and poker tables on numerous occasions, and his gambling habits have often made headlines. In 2001, he reportedly won $800,000 in a single night of blackjack.

And in 2014, he was banned from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas after allegedly counting cards. But while Affleck's gambling exploits may be well-known, what is less understood is why he enjoys gambling so much.

For Affleck, gambling is about more than just winning money. It's also a way to add excitement and adventure to his life. "I like the mechanics of it," he once said of poker. "It's kind of like chess but with cards and money." In a world where most things are carefully planned and scripted, gambling provides a rare opportunity for spontaneity and uncertainty. And for Affleck, that makes it all the more thrilling.

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Toby Maguire

Toby Maguire's gambling addiction was no secret. For years, he was a regular at underground poker games, often placing high-stakes bets that left him deeply in debt. In 2009, his addiction finally caught up with him when he was arrested for misdemeanor assault after losing a game of high-stakes poker.

The arrest led to a public downfall that included an ugly divorce and the loss of his starring role in the Spiderman franchise. Today, Maguire is reportedly clean and sober, but his gambling addiction cost him dearly. It's a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks they can make a quick buck by playing cards.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is no stranger to gambling. The Die Hard star has been known to frequent casinos, often spending large sums of money on games of chance. However, Willis isn't just a casual gambler - he's also been known to place some pretty serious bets. In fact, in 2000, he reportedly wagered $4 million on a single roulette spin.

Unfortunately for Willis, his gamble didn't pay off and he ended up losing the entire amount. However, this hasn't deterred him from gambling - he continues to visit casinos and place big bets. While some people might see Bruce Willis as a risky gambler, there's no denying that he knows how to have a good time. Gambling is simply one of his many hobbies and, judging by his net worth of $180 million, it doesn't seem to be doing him any harm.


In conclusion, it seems that many famous people enjoy gambling. For some, it is a way to relax and have fun. For others, it is a way to earn a living. Whatever the reason, it is clear that gambling can be a popular pastime among the rich and famous.

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