Best Celeb Themed Games

Last Modified: Nov 1, 2022

Online casinos are always searching for ways to bring in fresh customers and keep the ones they already have. One of the more successful strategies they have devised for that is slot games with themes.

The themes in question range from sports like soccer and basketball to celebrities from the worlds of film and music. Celeb-themed games in particular make a lot of sense.

After all, these people have lots of fans who will want to play games inspired by them, even if they have never tried online casinos before. Plus there are a number of big stars who are known to enjoy playing at casino sites, so the link between the two already exists.

Here are the best celeb-themed games you can find at an online casino right now.

Marilyn Monroe

There cannot be a more iconic female star in movie history than Marilyn Monroe and she now has her very own slot game. It was developed by the top online slot creator Playtech and features stunning images of Marilyn across its reels – including vintage 1950s magazine covers and a famous shot from The Seven Year Itch.

The reel icons also incorporate her Star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame, so fans of Marilyn and the Golden Age of Hollywood glamour will really love this game.

It works the same way as any other slot, with a matching row of icons needed for a win. There are 20 pay lines for betting on and the more of them a player uses, the greater their chances.

The Marilyn Monroe slot also has a maximum jackpot of 10,000 coins, making it worthy of its legendary star.

Slingo Britain’s Got Talent

Have you ever wanted to be Simon Cowell for a while? Well, this game will give you that chance! Based on the hit UK television show, it is a Slingo game.

Slingo is a popular blend of bingo and slots. This particular game and others like it can be played at Megaways Casino and there is the option of a Slingo demo to let you get used to the rules.

Playing Slingo Britain’s Got Talent involves buying a ticket based on a chosen betting amount, before spinning the reels to try to land a row of numbers on them that match the ones on your game grid. It is a little more complex than ordinary slot games, but a lot of fun for both casino gamers and lovers of the TV series.

Icons on the reels include the standard Slingo ones of a Joker, Super Joker, and the free spin icon. Sadly no Simon though.

Jimi Hendrix

There are a lot of classic rock fans in the world and Jimi Hendrix is a guitar god to most of them. What could be better for them than a casino game based on Hendrix featuring all of his greatest tunes as part of the play!

That is just what players get with the Jimi Hendrix slot. This NetEnt Slots title has images of Jimi himself on its five reels, together with his Stratocaster axe, peace symbols, and hippie flowers.

The actual play is accompanied by the sounds of Crosstown Traffic, Purple Haze, and other Hendrix hits and there are excellent themed bonus games. Three of the Purple Haze reel icons activate the free spins bonus of the same name.

At least four of the Strat reel icons will start up the Red Guitar re-spins game that automatically spins the reels again. Like the various free spins features, this can bring a win without having to bet any more money.

Dolly Parton

It is not only rock stars who have themed games; country icons like Dolly Parton do too. This is another great celebrity-inspired slot that fans of Miss Parton will not want to miss out on.

The theme is made clear right from the start, with Dolly herself being the wild icon that fills in for missing ones to create matching rows. Elsewhere there is a gold disc icon, lips with red lipstick, and the Dolly Parton signature.

This game has an impressive 40 pay lines and brilliant bonus games. Perhaps the best of all is the 9 to 5 one, which sees sticky wild icons land all over the reels bringing lots of free spins and free cash.

As this is a video slot, the play is punctuated by live concert clips of Dolly. The jukebox feature also lets players choose which of her songs they want to listen to.

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is one of the most enduring movies of the 1980s and made stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Given the cult worship of the movie, a spin-off slot was really a no-brainer, and Playtech duly obliged.

It follows the standard five-reel 40-pay-line format but has clips and audio from the movie to add a unique twist to proceedings. All of the bonus rounds are themed too, from the Johnny Castle Wild to the Dirty Dancing Free Spins feature.

Dirty Dancing is also a progressive jackpot slot, meaning the jackpot builds continuously until someone wins. So while players are wallowing in Hollywood slot nostalgia, they could be on the brink of winning a fortune!

Celebrity-themed slot games are a fun part of the modern world and let people combine exciting gaming with their fan enthusiasm.

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