Celebrate Earth Day With These 4 Movies!

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It doesn’t take an expert to know that our planet is in pretty bad shape. And the sad part about all this is that we are all to blame for this. Animals share this planet with us and so, they are unfortunate enough to suffer with us too. This is why we need to do better as a species and although we can’t reverse the effects of climate change, we can at least stop further damage.

Besides this, we should raise awareness for this problem, as much as we can, to get other people on board with this as well. When it comes to raising awareness, there are plenty of ways to do it, creative or not. Movies and animations are just one way to achieve that! There are plenty of movies that have done this as well and today, we will be listing down these movies, so you can sit back and watch them with your families.

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But enough about that, let’s get on with the movies!

The Lorax

While not many of you might have heard of this animated movie, it is actually a very fun and colorful film that is also a lesson in disguise. I’m sure everyone agrees that Dr. Seuss is a rhyming genius who loves to bring strange worlds to life using even stranger characters. But, of course, we love to see all of it!

In The Lorax, we see a curious boy learn all about “real trees” and how they ceased to grow or exist. This boy lives in a town with artificial trees and bottled oxygen if that makes sense.

While the theme of the movie seems purely just for fun with entertaining songs and all, there is a lesson in it. We can either choose to stay ignorant and happy in our own bubbles, or we can look around and try to find a solution for the problems that exist.


WALL-E is a popular animated film that gives us all a few lessons about pollution and laziness. This animated film is perfect for Earth Day as it shows us the importance of plants. I mean, the whole plot of the movie was to get to that one plant, was it not? But that’s not the only thing we learn from this movie.

Another lesson we learn is that the excessive use of plastic is very harmful to the environment. We see that in WALL-E, there is a bunch of junk left lying around and most of that is just plastic.

There are so many other things that we see in this movie and this is the reason why it is so amazing. It is like you see all the flaws that we have as humans and how these flaws, if not addressed correctly, can lead to a very dangerous situation.

Dark Waters

Dark Waters – the one made in 2019 – tells the story of a lone lawyer fighting against pollution and corporate greed, but to no avail. This movie might not be based on an actual story, but it is something we might relate to a lot more than we ideally should. In addition to the depressing but realistic theme of the movie, it is not surprising that we might feel like we are in this fight alone as well.

While there are a considerable number of people that raise their voices against pollution, many would gladly turn a blind eye to it.

Unfortunately, there is a big lesson to be learned from this movie and it is that if we don’t act fast, we will be on the verge of losing more than just our homes and good weather. Moreover, no matter how much you try to hide the truth about something, it is bound to find its way out and destroy everything just as quickly!

The Day After Tomorrow 

Have you ever been to Antarctica? While the answer is no for many, some people have ventured there for adventures. But, visiting is one thing and living is another. Surely, the freezing temperatures are not at all ideal for anybody to live in, besides polar bears, penguins, and some other animals.

Well, climate change is a serious issue, and living in Antarctica won’t just be a weekend activity, but an actual problem we might have to face soon. This movie shows exactly how we can expect that to happen.

Right now, there is so much we can do to bring about a change, but what happens when that chance slips away? Can we really imagine living in such ice-cold temperatures without repercussions? This is why if we don’t take a stand now, we might never get a chance to do it again.

In Closing

There are only so many times we can tell you to take some action and it seems that we have exhausted that chance for this article. So, if you missed that message, you might want to go back and read the article again. And we hope that this article and these movies will motivate you to do exactly that!

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