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The famous Gumball 3000 Rally gained its popularity because of the celebrities and their supercars being featured there. The stars come with their luxury cars and display their skills, making the media coverage wider and reaching more audiences.

Since this Rally is organized not only for entertainment purpose but also for charity, the media coverage and the fame helps in collecting a decent amount of funds. For the same purpose of charity, Gumball 3000 slot game has also been launched, making it even more popular on the online platform. The Rally occupies a significant place in offline and online modes.

The Celebrities with their Luxury Cars

This Rally had been started to make people live their dream of driving luxury cars at top-notch speed from one end to the other without any rules. The celebrities taking part in this bring their supercars and drive them across in the Rally. Here are some of the stars and their supercars:

Kayne West with his Mercedes Stirling Moss

He is one of the most popular rappers out there having accomplished so much from a young age. If we talk about the background of rappers, they are very well known to have a vast collection of luxury cars.

Kayne West’s Mercedes is one of the rarest models and has a top-notch speed of around 209mph. It has a retro design but has an elegant and sleek body which makes it unique.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his Bugatti

One of the most famous and admired celebrities in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is not only an excellent football player but also a decent human being.

The Bugatti he owns is one of the rarest limited edition models worth around 12 million dollars. This supercar is one of the gifts he gave himself after winning in the 2019-20 season and earning an extraordinary amount that year.

Jay Leno with his  EcoJet

One of the most famous chat show hosts, Jay has a museum-like garage where he has the best collection of luxury and supercars in Hollywood. His garage consists of unique retro cars and some of the rarest models of supercars. One of them is the EcoJet.

Along with General Motors, Jay collaboratively designed and built the EcoJet, which runs on biodiesel. Now some might say that biodiesel won’t be able to give it a speed, but surprisingly, its top-notch speed is 135mph.

Eric Clapton with his Ferrari

Being one of the most famous English Rock legends, Eric Clapton owns almost all the exclusive models of Ferrari. He holds the collection and has a specially made Ferrari after his name, the Ferrari SP12 EC (EC stands for Eric Clapton). Looking at these, he can be called a Ferrari fanatic.

Ludacris with his Chrysler

Ludacris is one of the most famous rappers out there, with his most famous work being the album Fast and Furious. As earlier mentioned, rappers have a well-known reputation for being substantial supercar fanatics, like Ludacris.

The music videos featuring him also have the supercars owned by him. He has a higher liking for racing cars, and so he has this amazing and unique Chrysler.

Floyd Mayweather with his CCXR Trevita

One of the most well-known boxers, Floyd Mayweather, is hugely known for his addicting love for supercars, so much so that he is known to have once gone bankrupt due to the same.

He has compromised with his fortune by throwing out all his money on private jets, luxury lifestyles, and supercars. He has one of the most unique and expensive collections of cars bought from a few of the most luxurious and fancy auctions.

Ralph Lauren with his Bugatti Atlantic

One of the most decorated and famous fashion designers, Ralph Lauren, has a great obsession with vintage cars. He owns one of the most stylish Bugattis, the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic.

This is the most unique and gorgeous-looking model of Bugatti and has a worth of around 40 million dollars. He owns Bugattis and has an amazingly unique collection of the rarest models of Ferrari, which cost more than the many luxury cars out there.


Being an event of social importance, it becomes important for all the organizers and the celebrities to make the rally grand, in order to raise decent funds for the low-income communities. Here mentioned celebrities, not only participate in the rally with their gorgeous supercars but also contribute to the media coverage, making this event a grand success.

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