Celebrities That Love Playing Bingo

Last Modified: Jul 12, 2022

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It's a well-known fact that Brits like to spend time playing bingo. If you're from the UK, you most probably have also encountered a game or two at some point and time. However, bingo is not just popular with ordinary Brits but some celebrities as well.

Bingo has massive appeal and cuts through different classes of people, whether they play the best UK online bingo or play with their friends at their local bingo hall. Celebrities such as the late Robbin Wiliams and Sharon Osbourne are big bingo fans and play the game as much as anyone else.

This piece will look at celebrities who love playing bingo and how they got into the game. So keep reading to learn more.

1. Robin Williams

Probably one of the most tragic deaths of late times, Robin Williams was a wonderful person who liked to make people smile. He was massively talented and will be greatly missed by all who his work has touched. On the other hand, Robin Williams loved playing bingo whenever he had some free time from a set. Furthermore, he liked inviting his celebrity friends to play charity bingo for organizations like the make-A-wish foundation to help vulnerable members of society.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Christiano is arguably one of the greatest footballers of our time. He has played in some of the biggest football clubs in the world and attained the most significant achievements in the game. However, most would be surprised to learn that this superstar footballer is also a big fan of bingo.

Back when he was a young budding footballer in a small football club known as Manchester United. His English was not too good and was affecting his training and his relationship with his coach. So Christiano took to bingo halls to practice his English, where he picked up the bingo fever. And as you know, his relationship with his coach did not only blossom but excelled, and he's been playing bingo ever since.

3. Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is most probably known for being a judge on some of the biggest talent shows in the world. The fact that she's also married to Ozzy Osbourne doesn't hurt. However, Sharon is one of the most outstanding bingo players you will ever meet. She takes the game seriously and frequents bingo halls to lock swords with other exceptional bingo players.

In addition, Sharon has endeavored to create her own online bingo game available for you to try out.

4. Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow is a multitalented TV personality who dubs in everything from songwriting and producing to singing as the lead band member in Take That. What's not so known about Gary and bingo is that he and his bandmates play a game before going on stage for a performance as their ritual. Gary and the rest of his team also play bingo one night of every tour, and he says he enjoys taking out his ball machine and calling out numbers.

5. Prince Williams

It's no surprise Prince William is into bingo. After all, bingo was introduced as a game for the aristocrats before it found massive appeal in the masses. Furthermore, the Royal family is known to play bingo together as a way to bond and as part of their tradition. However, Prince William takes the love for the game to a whole new level. He is known to sneak into bingo halls around town to play with the local people and probably catch up with the latest gossip about the Royal family.

6. Bono

Bono is an A-list celebrity whose music career has reached heights that only a few artists will ever get. And as everyone on this list, Bono is an avid bingo player. He started playing bingo when he was still young and used to work at a dinner in Dublin. But his love for the game never waived even after he found massive success as an artist. He is known to host large bingo parties at his estate, where all the big names in different industries come to play. If you ever get invited to one of his parties, you know you have done something right in life.  

7. Mick Jagger

Mick is another larger-than-life character known for grazing all the large concert halls in the world and touching the lives of many with his vocals. Unsurprisingly, he's also a big bingo fan who knows a thing or two about the game. And just like Bono, he regularly throws bingo parties on his estate to entertain his friends and family.

Mick Jagger also plays bingo with his bandmates while on tour, and on long bus rides that most rock stars often find themselves in. Bingo helps them pass the time and maintain some sense of sanity. Therefore, if bingo moves like Jagger, why are you not playing?

8. Kate Moss

Kate is a former model and actor who started playing bingo while she was still young. In fact, there was little she didn't know about the game by the time she was a young adult, and she has continued to play the game until now. She has said that even as much as she enjoyed going to clubs for parties, she also enjoyed playing bingo at the height of her career.

However, she now mostly prefers to play online bingo with her kids over the weekends and when she wants to unwind. In addition, she will probably be playing bingo into her old age.

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Bingo is a massively successful game all over the world and in the UK in particular. People from all walks of life enjoy playing the game, and as we've seen, even the most prominent celebrities the UK has to offer are not immune. They enjoy playing bingo just like any other person, and we think that's a testament to the game's entertainment value, which will keep growing and attract more people and celebrities alike.

So what celebrity shocked you the most to find out they play bingo and why? Let us know down in the comment section. 

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