Celebrities Who Are Superstitious

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Celebrities Who Are Superstitious

We all know celebrities are just like us, right? No matter how big they get or how famous they become, they still have to deal with the same pressures and problems we do. Part of that means they’re just as superstitious as the rest of us!

Here are seven celebs who are extremely superstitious, what their superstitions are, and why they believe them. From lucky numbers and other common superstitions to more unique ones, find out what weird things these superstitious celebrities won’t do and how they plan to avoid bad luck in our list of 7 superstitious celebrities!

1. Jennifer Aniston

When talking about good luck charms, it’s hard to beat old favorites like doing something in the exact same way every time. That's exactly what Jennifer Aniston does - she claims only ever to enter a plane with her right foot first. The megastar also said she has to tap the plane before setting foot inside it in the name of good luck, something she has always done.

2. Cameron Diaz

Although she has previously claimed not to be superstitious in a conventional way, Diaz does have one lucky charm. She’s often seen wearing a horseshoe-shaped necklace, which she claims has an anti-aging effect. The star always looks fabulous, despite rapidly approaching 50, so we’d say it works!

Diaz has also mentioned that she often ‘knocks on wood’ throughout the day to avoid tempting fate!

3. Serena Williams

Image: Unsplash

She might be one of the best tennis players of all time, with over 20 Grand Slam titles to her name, but Serena Williams has claimed part of this success is down to her pre-match rituals.

Her routine includes using the same bag when she has to travel to play, wearing the same sandals, and even tying her shoes the same way before every match. Fans can also see the tennis star bouncing her ball five times, no more, no less, before making her first serve. This is also said to be part of Williams’ good-luck ritual.

4. Megan Fox

Here’s one of the more unique celebrity superstitions - Megan Fox claimed in an interview that she always listens to Britney Spears when she’s flying. The actress says that it isn’t ‘in her destiny’ to die while listening to the Toxic singer.

As a result, she says she plays Britney’s music through her headphones every time she flies - which sounds like a great way to pass the time as well as keep safe!

5. Heidi Klum

Another celeb with a very unusual trait is Heidi Klum, who has mentioned that she carries a bag of her own teeth around! The supermodel says that since there’s no such thing as the Tooth Fairy in Germany, she keeps her milk teeth in a bag. However, whether or not it brings her luck is up for debate - even the star herself is on the fence about the idea.

6. Kim Kardashian

Image: pixabay

It might not be a superstition as such, but Kim Kardashian definitely believes in the afterlife. She believes that both her dad and hubby Kanye’s mom, have returned as birds to keep watch over them. In fact, she’s been quoted as saying that a pair of crows that hang out around her home are the couple’s parents sticking around.

7. Taylor Swift

Image: Unsplash

Although the number 13 might be an unlucky sign for most superstitious people, it’s the opposite for Taylor Swift. The singer has had many lucky experiences related to the number 13 in her career and also celebrated her 13th birthday on Friday the 13th, a notoriously unlucky day for those who believe it.

The star paints the number 13 on her hand before performing in hopes that the good luck the number brings her will continue. It’s hard to argue with the fact that this is her lucky number - her album took 13 weeks to reach gold status, her first number-one song had an intro 13 seconds long, and she says whenever she wins a music award, she has been sitting in the 13th row or seat of the arena!

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