Celebrities who love gambling in and outside of Vegas

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What springs to mind when you hear the words “Las Vegas”? Casinos and gambling are likely the first things that leap into your head, with nightclubs and partying coming a close second, no doubt. And why not? After all, Vegas, or “Sin City,” as it’s also known, is the entertainment capital of the world. This post is a look at Vegas and in particular, at celebs who enjoy testing their luck and their nerve in this glamorous resort city’s casinos or outside of them, and who have the resources to do so.

Who comes to Vegas?

The short answer might be anyone who likes to live an extravagant lifestyle (and can afford it). If you have plenty of millions floating around, you might be willing to become one of the exclusive few who is happy to pay more than $10,000 drink or $5,000 for a burger. 

Note that this isn’t the average price for food and drink in Vegas, of course, but if you’re on a tight budget, Vegas is the wrong place to be. You’ve got to be prepared to spend, and the celebrities that come here certainly are. Vegas is a playground for them. 

Celebrities who love to gamble

Of course, playing at the casinos is a form of leisure and not just a way to make money. Nowadays, many people enjoy playing casino games online as a form of entertainment. The online casino industry is growing at a huge rate, especially due to the huge number of providers available from dedicated gaming sites like winkslots that offer a wide range of themed slot games, to more generic casino sites that offer all casino games. And celebrities are the same when they’re not in front of movie cameras, TV cameras, performing in front of live audiences, or other conducting other aspects of their trade, some celebrities like nothing more than to get out to Vegas and see if they can walk away from a little richer, or partake in other forms of gambling. In some cases, but not always, it’s not so much the winning as the taking part. Here are a few celebs that enjoy a gamble:

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck may have charmed audiences around the world in his roles on the big screen, but he was much less of a hit with some casino owners, and some have banned him from the blackjack tables of their establishments. 

Affleck is a lover of blackjack and became extremely good at it. He told ABC he didn’t gamble on football or have any gambling-related issues, but that he’d realized there was a way to improve your odds when playing blackjack, so he’d learned to do this. 

He has, however, confessed to counting the cards. Card counting isn’t illegal, but casinos frown angrily upon it, which is why the casinos who don’t appreciate Affleck’s presence at their blackjack tables anymore won’t let him sit down at them.

Ben Affleck has admitted to card counting which casinos do not like.

Charlie Sheen

It’s been some time since Charlie Sheen’s public meltdowns and the details of his personal life hit the media. Many, however, will probably associate the famous actor with his vices. There have been lots of accusations flying around, amongst them is the belief that Sheen spent thousands of dollars a day on sports betting. It’s thought he wasn’t especially pleased on those days he didn’t win.

Tiger Woods

Another celeb who has been known to enjoy Vegas (and whose indiscretions have hit the headlines) has been pro golfer Tiger Woods. Casinos would really lay on the VIP treatment for wealthy people such as Woods. Air transport, limo service, bottle service, VIP entry, plus extras were all potential options if VIP clients such as Woods were in Vegas for the weekend. According to some British newspapers, he may have gambled as much as $50 million in the seven years since he went professional. Woods is well known for wearing a red t-shirt on finals day in golf, with many thinking it’s a lucky charm, maybe he wears red to the casinos too?

Tobey Maguire

Like Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire is another celebrity who would make a casino sweat. The actor is known as a “high roller” and has developed a reputation for his prowess at hold’em poker. He’s estimated to have won as much as $10 million in home games. Alleged involvement in illegal high-stakes games, however, has seen the Spider-Man star come under the spotlight, however, too.

Tobey Maguire is well-known for his talents in a game of poker.

Shannon Elizabeth

Actress Shannon Elizabeth may have set male pulses racing in “American Pie” and “Scary Movie,” but at the poker table, it’s more a case of getting players’ adrenaline pumping. Ms. Elizabeth plays a mean game of poker and has cashed in at several tournaments, walking away with hundreds of thousands.

Celebrity gaming styles

As casinos, much to their misfortune, have witnessed, Ben Affleck is a blackjack man and likes to count cards. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, is thought to have been fearless at the table, gambling around $200,00 on a hand of blackjack.

But whereas some celebrities enjoy the drama and strategy of the tables, reel slots and other machines draw others. Another celebrity who likes a flutter is model and “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson, who likes to play poker and video slot machines, although she has been photographed at a poker table too.

It’s perhaps no surprise that Ms. Anderson likes to play on slot machines. Slot machines can be a hit with celebrities because they can play on machines that are based on them or which feature their image (and, if they’re musicians, their music) in some guise. Ms. Anderson, for instance, features alongside co-stars David Hasselhoff and Yasmin Bleeth in the Baywatch slot. In the mid-noughties, Ms. Anderson was also featured in the Pamela Anderson Playboy slot.

If you like a gamble, Vegas is the place to be. Celebrities hit the tables and soak up the party lifestyle, laying down huge bets that would make everyday citizens hugely nervous. But that’s part of the fun in Vegas. Whether you win or lose, you go big.

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