Celebs Who Met on Social Media

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Celebrities are often known for meeting up in typical Hollywood fashion, where people get together at some fancy party and rub elbows with new individuals. That’s not the case for every famous couple, though. We have found several individuals that have used social media to start their relationships. Check out these famous names and the way they met!

1. Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid

Dua Lipa has been involved in high-profile relationships before, like with Isaac Carew. However, the two split up back in June 2018, and it didn’t take long for Lipa to find love again. Apparently, she met Anwar Hadid to talk about music after a possible introduction through his sister, Gigi. After they met up with one another, the two decided they had enough in common to keep going out, and the rest has been history. The specific site they used to link up is unknown, but it must have been a very interesting conversation!

Dua Lipa, Anwar Hadid (Image: Harper's Bazaar)

2. Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson has been sort of a reclusive and private individual compared to most of the stars in Hollywood. In fact, she’s the type of person that is more likely to be seen using some of the best dating sites to find love. Dating sites give stars the anonymity they need to find dates without the paparazzi having a direct line to them. Apparently, Paulson met Taylor back in the early 2000s at a party, but the two were both unavailable to date each other. Then, in 2015, Taylor reached out to Sarah Paulson through Twitter and effortlessly “slid into her DMs” and picked the conversation up again. The two worked together on a project that helped solidify their relationship, and they have been a great couple ever since.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor (Image: People)

3. Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks

Ariana Grande, who recently made news for becoming the latest coach in The Voice, has a rough history when it comes to dating people as a celebrity. She met Jai Brooks back in 2012, using Twitter as a platform to start the relationship. Then, they started dating in person in 2013, only for things to fall apart in late 2013 with accusations that Grande was cheating on Brooks. The two got back together again in early 2014 but split for good over the summer.

Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks (Image: E! Online)

4. Calvin Harris and Rita Ora

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris both met online in 2013, but they did not release a lot of information about what site they used when they met. One thing is clear, the two broke up publicly in 2014, with Harris announcing their breakup via a tweet. The two had an ugly breakup, Ora had to throw out an album she was working on, and they engaged in a months-long feud.

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris (Image: NY Daily News)

5. Emmy Rossum & Adam Duritz

Emmy Rossum and Adam Duritz weren’t a particularly long-lasting couple, but they were famous because they met each other through Twitter in 2009, a time when the social media platform was still in the shadow of Facebook. At the time, Rossum was going through a divorce and wanted more privacy after her separation was discovered by the media. It’s no small wonder that she took to the online realm to look for love. She and Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz only lasted together until 2010. But this relationship was a sort of benchmark for modern social media.

Emmy Rossum and Adam Duritz (Image: CBS News)

The way that celebs meet is constantly being affected by the changes in technology. Social media is the latest in a long line of tools that celebrities have used to experience private meetings with fellow stars and begin relationships. Who knows what the future will hold in terms of places to start a relationship with a famous name?

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