Derek Hough’s wife Hayley Erbert returns to stage after brain surgery – gets emotional

Last Modified: 4th Apr

Dancer Hayley Erbert, famous for being the wife of Derek Hough, was brought to tears after returning to stage performance just four months after undergoing an emergency brain surgery.

Erbert, 29, danced on the opening night of the Symphony of Dance tour in Florida on Sunday with her husband Hough, 38.

Hayley Erbert returned to the stage after four months (Source: TikTok)

As the show ended, Erbert and fellow performers stood alongside holding hands as the audience erupted in cheers – which left Erbert overcome with emotion.

After the performers dropped their hands, they all stepped back and let Erbert soak in the moment – as she placed her hand over her heart and wiped tears from her eyes.

Her husband applauded his wife as he proudly looked at this wife from a row behind.

Hayley Erbert returned to the stage after four months (Source: TikTok)

The couple married on August 26, 2023.

Earlier this month, they had announced that Erbert had been medically cleared to go back on tour.

The Dancing With the Stars judge shared on his Instagram story, “We cannot wait to dance together again on stage and be back with all our fans, and thank them. Thank you all the amazing support that you’ve shown during this time. We cannot wait.”

Erbert too shared a rehearsal video with the rest of the group on social media.

“What a blessing (and surprise) it is to be able to be back on stage dancing with my love after such a crazy past four months. My healing journey has been nothing short of extraordinary and being able to dance again is igniting my soul in all the ways; speeding up my recovery even more,” she shared.

Hayley Erbert, Derek Hough (Source: Instagram)

Back in December 2023, the professional dancer was rushed to hospital after she showed disorientation while performing in Washington, DC.

Hough revealed on Instagram at the time, “She was diagnosed with a cranial hematoma from a burst blood vessel and required an emergency craniectomy.”

Soon after Erbert underwent a second surgery to replace a “large portion of her skull.”

Hayley Erbert, Derek Hough (Source: Instagram)

Alongside clips of their wedding, Hough wrote on Instagram, “In the face of uncertainty, this year has been a canvas of reflection, painted with the colors of life’s challenges and joys. These experiences are treasures of gratitude, reminding us of life’s splendor and its fleeting nature.. Each day of our extraordinary journey teaches us to cherish every fleeting moment.”

The actor, singer, and dancer also praised his wife as she went through a difficult time.

“She’s unbelievable. When I married her, I knew she was strong, but I really didn’t realize how strong she really was until now. She really is a miracle. I don’t really throw that word around lightly, but she really is.” 

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