The favorite Child Celebrities who lost all! But where are they now?

Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019

Hollywood is the place where dreamers dream to get in the course of their career. Some make it while some sadly don’t. But what happens when you make it when you are still a child? Are you set up for life or is the path downright doomed?

Many child stars have been able to reach adulthood with just a little struggle on the way while some still cope with self-destruction and financial ruin. Here are the child stars who lost it all.

1. Dustin Diamond

The child star Dustin Diamond, born on January 7, 1977, is best known for his iconic role of Samuel "Screech" Powers in 80’s and 90’s TV series Saved By the Bell. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after five seasons.

Source: The Daily Beast (Dustin Diamond in Saved By the Bell)

Diamond, however, did land a series of roles in series such as Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Saved by the Bell: The New Class followed by appearances in Celebrity Fit Club, The Weakest Link, Hollywood Squares and some stand-up comedy.

Moreover, his fame as an actor is overshadowed by the infamous 2006 sex-tape. After that, his days went into a downward spiral. In 2006 his clothing business failed and he filed for bankruptcy and was reported selling t-shorts for $15 a piece. In 2014, he was arrested for stabbing a man in a bar fight.

Diamond was arrested and jailed for a few months only to be rearrested for violation of probation.

2. Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong is best known for his role as young John Conner in Terminator 2: Judgement Day was born on August 2, 1977. The fans fell in love with him with his street smart ways as he tried to save the world. 

He was soon cast in hits such as Before and After, Little Odessa, American Heart, Pet Sematary 2, among others.

Source: Pinterest (Edward Furlong in Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

But his childhood days began with trouble. His parents had divorced when he was born and was raised by his uncle and aunt. After moving out from his uncle and aunt’s house at age 15, he soon started drug, alcohol abuses and Hollywood roles soon declined for him.

After overcoming legal and addiction issues, Edward Furlong became sober in 2006 and married Rachael Bella, who is also an actress. He now has a son and is still making small TV appearances now and then.

3. Erin Moran

When Happy Days cast Erin Moran as Joanie Cunningham, it gave her an early start in her career. Born on October 18, 1960, soon she also had her own series titled Joanie Loves Chachi while also appearing in My Three Sons, Famly Affair and Gunsmoke.

After Joanie Loves Chachi was canceled after 17 episodes, she continued to work and land appearances in TV but failed to land major roles. She married Rocky Ferguson in 1987 followed by divorce in 1993.

Source: Bankrate (Erin Moran in Happy Days)

Moran married Steven Fleischmann, a Walmart employee. In 2010, she lost her California home to foreclosure and moved to a trailer park to live and care for her mother in law.

But by the end of 2010, she was reported to be homeless and battling alcohol and substance abuse. On April 23, 2017, Erin Moran was found dead at a trailer park in Corydon, California. Her death was suspected to be of stage 4 cancer.

4. Jamie Foxworth

Jamie Foxworth is another child star who reached the height of fame at a very young age. Born on December 17, 1979, she starred in Family Matters but her scenes were significantly reduced until she was written off the show.

Source: IMDb (Jamie Foxworth in Family Matters)

For a short while, she then formed the group S.H.E. with her two sisters. Desperate, she entered the adult film industry under the Crave but soon quit. She is now a mother and raising her son away from Hollywood.

5. William Aames

Born on July 15, 1960, William Aames is best known for his role of Tommy Bradford on the TV series Enough is Enough. He was even the band called Willie Aanes & Paradise as a lead singer and guitarist and earned half a million a year.

Source: Etsy (William Aames)

But soon the tables turned as he found himself without acting roles and no proper financial plan. He became homeless, sometimes living with friends while other times sleeping on park benches.

Aames finally decided enough is enough and turned his life around. With much life experience now, he today works as a successful financial adviser.

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