Four Celebrities Who Cannot Live Without iPhones

Last Modified: May 5, 2022

Four Celebrities Who Use iPhones For Everything

There is no denying that the iPhone is a lot more popular than Android smartphones in the United States.

While adoption between Android and Apple’s iPhones is roughly equal around the world, iPhone dominates the American market. People in the U.S. are always looking for essential apps for iPhones, while they also enjoy the exclusivity of the iMessaging platform.

Celebrities are no different in this regard. There are countless instances of American and other stars who use their iPhones for every digital purpose.

There are even cases of celebrities using iPhones to promote Android phones. They might be receiving money for endorsing an Android smartphone, but they still use an iPhone!

Below are four celebrities who use their iPhones for everything.

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David Beckham

The international soccer superstar, who is known for his playing career at Manchester United and Real Madrid, is now a part-owner of the Inter Miami soccer team in the United States.

Aside from his income through the sport, Beckham has made millions on the back of sponsorships. One such patronage in recent years came from Motorola, with the phone manufacturer paying Beckham to promote their Aura line of luxury smartphones.

Motorola makes Android smartphones, which is why paparazzi photographs of the time that showed Beckham using an iPhone were astonishing. The Englishman was having dinner in a restaurant in Miami, where he was snapped using an iPhone. 

While he tried to hide the phone quickly, the damage was done, and his endorsement deal with Motorola may not have lasted for much longer.

Gal Gadot

An Israeli actress, who came to fame when she took on the role of Wonder Woman in the Hollywood blockbuster film, Gal Gadot received an endorsement deal from Huawei in 2018.

Gadot was meant to promote the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which was their flagship smartphone at the time. Huawei makes Android phones and is a direct competitor of Apple in many international markets.

When Gadot posted on social media regarding the Mate 10 Pro, she failed to realize that people can see what device a post comes from. On the Twitter website, eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed that it said “sent via Twitter for iPhone” on her post, even though she was meant to be promoting a Huawei Android smartphone.

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Kate Upton

World-famous supermodel, Kate Upton, received a deal from Samsung when the company was launching its Galaxy Note 10 smartphone in New York City a few years ago.

While Upton was at the event to promote the phone, and she was a charming presence throughout, she did commit one faux pas. A photograph was taken of Upton with her iPhone next to her on a sofa.

People who saw photographs from the event quickly realized that Upton was still using an Apple phone, even though she was being paid to promote the Note 10 from Samsung. While fans may not expect her to use a Samsung phone for many months, they would at least imagine that she uses the Note 10 she is there to promote during the event.

Ellen DeGeneres

The famed comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres received a significant endorsement deal from Samsung when they were launching and promoting the Galaxy Note 3 several years ago.

While DeGeneres did use the Note 3 for some of her social media posts in the days and weeks after the phone’s launch, she was never consistent with her use.

Some of the photos she would post on social media, along with her tweets on Twitter, came from the Note 3. However, several posts around the same time came from her iPhone, which showed that she could not give up her iPhone as her daily driver.

While DeGeneres may have played along and used a Samsung smartphone for a few weeks, she still had the iPhone in her purse.

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Can Android Catch Up Domestically?

With Samsung achieving success with their Galaxy line of smartphones around the world and Google’s Pixel line also selling more, Android is experiencing a good moment.

The question for manufacturers of Android smartphones is whether they can break the Apple iPhone hegemony in the United States. Judging by the behavior of the celebrities listed above, even giving endorsement deals is not enough to convince someone to ditch their iPhone.

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