Is it possible to match with celebrities on dating platforms?

Last Modified: 9th Sep

If you are single and drawn to the idea of finding romance via online dating, there could be any number of reasons for choosing this route. Many people have grown jaded with bumping into the same faces in singles bars. It could also be you’ve heard many celebs are hooked on digital matchmaking and like the idea of being the ‘plus one’ at red-carpet events! 

Taking this latter scenario as a prompt for registering with a dating outlet, let’s take a deeper dive into the possibilities of starting a relationship with someone famous.

Who uses dating sites?

This question could be reframed this as, ‘who doesn’t use dating sites?!’ Last year, the dating industry generated almost $3 billion in the USA alone. Thousands of websites/apps cater to global memberships running into tens of millions. As many as one-in-three partnerships will have been instigated in this environment, and these numbers are only set to increase. 

Celebs of a certain age are just the same as anyone else. Growing tired of endless vacuous parties, and hankering for a quieter life, they might decide to join a cougar dating site where they could get introduced to a cross-section of site users from their generation. 

Cougars have a particular appeal because they represent mature women, or what might have been termed 'femme fatales' in Hollywood movies! The welcoming atmosphere of these cougar-oriented sites and apps is conducive to friendly conversation. As members tend to seek partners based on compatibility, anyone who might be regarded as a celeb can slip under the radar, touching base with affable chats before feeling the need to reveal their true identity.

How easily can you connect?

Dating platforms offer all sorts of tools and features to make it simple to communicate. A celeb might choose to operate using a nom-de-plume, or they might just as readily choose to be honest and above board. 

Should you come across a prominent person, a key tip is not to treat them any differently than any other potential date. Avoid coming over as starstruck. You can always take advantage of shortcuts, such as sending someone a 'virtual wink.' 

This would be the equivalent of entering a nightclub frequented by celebrities, spotting someone you are attracted to across the crowded room, and then flashing an enticing smile. With no lurking paparazzi to hinder courtship, this individual might be compelled to reciprocate your attention. You could proceed to send direct messages.

Which celebs have been known to indulge?

Once upon a time, online dating might have carried a stigma as being some kind of last resort for anyone unable to connect in ‘normal’ settings. Nowadays, digital matching services are cool, featuring in romcom storylines, and adverts on social media. 

Prominent people who have been tempted to dabble in online romance aren't afraid to admit as much. Many have been known to post real-time updates of their virtual relationships on their Instagram accounts. 

Singers like Sam Smith, Charli XCX, and Kate Perry have been open about uploading their profiles to dating outlets. Hollywood heartthrobs Zac Efron and Ben Affleck have used digital dating resources, while cougars like Sharon Stone positively bask in the attention.

And no wonder, in a world where their every move is scrutinized by the tabloid press, retreating to their laptops or smart devices to flirt with ‘ordinary’ individuals must seem like a preferable option. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today – you never know who you might touch base with!

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