Jennifer Coolidge was not the best mortuary makeup artist

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2023

Jennifer Coolidge was studying mortuary makeup before turning to acting.

The Legally Blonde actress spoke to Vogue about her new Super Bowl commercial for e.l.f. Cosmetics added that her career almost took a very different path.

The 61-year-old shared, “I sort of thought that maybe I’d be a makeup artist, but I was not the best in the class, and who wants to be sort of mediocre at something if you pick that as a career?”

Coolidge added that she went to Joe Blasco School in Los Angeles where she took classes in “special effects, fashion, and beauty” in “a curriculum that included a mortuary makeup class”

She also added that there were no cadavers when she was a student there.

Jennifer Coolidge (Image: Instagram)

The American Pie star didn’t end up going the funeral home route and chose acting instead - but she learn a thing or two from the classes.

“If you have dark under your eyes, like black or blue, you can actually mix orange makeup in with your concealer, and it will completely cover the blue, or yellow to cover redness,” Jennifer Coolidge said.

Just like Elle Woods’ crusade against animal testing in the Legally Blonde sequel, she confirmed that she was attracted to the e.l.f. brand due to her commitment to animal rights.

Coolidge shared, “A lot of the lines sort of fake you out, and when you really read between the lines you realize that they aren’t completely cruelty-free. The thing I love about the e.l.f. stuff—it really is like, vegan. And it’s extremely affordable.”

Jennifer Coolidge (Image: e.l.f. cosmetics)

The promotion for the make-up brand, features her applying the smoothing, gel-based product and saying, “Oh my God. It looks like I came from the sea! I look like a dolphin … a baby dolphin!”

She even makes dolphin noises in the clip which is in reference to her Golden Globes clip where she admitted that her dream role would be to star as an aquatic animal.

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