Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' Won't Get a Season 2 on MTV!

Last Modified: Jun 20, 2019

The reality show, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, which followed Lindsay Lohan and her team of VIP hosts at the Lohan Beach House in Mykonos has been canceled after just a season. Her reps confirmed that she “is not doing another season” of her MTV show.

Lindsay Lohan on Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club (Elite Daily)

“There was a renewal idea that producers hoped would perk it up for a second season. It would be turned into a show about Lindsay and [her mother] Dina and [sister] Ali, [but] that wasn’t going to happen.

The show didn’t have “enough drama,” They wanted ‘breakdowns.’ That’s not where [Lohan] is at with her life anymore. Their personal business doesn’t need to be aired on television; it’s already in the papers anyway.”

The first season of the show had ended in March 2019 after 12 episodes. In the series watcher, she and her team of VIP hosts expand her empire with the opening of Lohan Beach House in Mykonos. This is her third business venture in Greece, previous ones being Lohan Nightclub in Athens and Lohan Beach House in Rhodes.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club (YouTube)

Another source added that MTV had been “trying to make something work” for season 2 but it is not happening, for now. Page Six also reported that Mykonos club and Lindsay Lohan has sold the property.  Alex Giannisopoulos, owner of luxury concierge service Legends Mykonos said,

“There weren’t any issues with the club. It was a fun place but Lindsay just decided to cash in. It was just purchased by Blue Marlin Ibiza group for $8 million. She bought it for $1 million only two years ago, so it was a smart play.”

Lohan too had shared the experience of starring in a reality show while also admitting that stepping back into the spotlight took some getting used to,

“It was a really nice experience having people from America come to Greece and show them a different life. It’s nice to kind of let loose and shock people and do something fun. I’m sure that people will still find a reason to hate me somehow.

When the cameras were on I was very nervous, because I also have to handle the club. So I was a little bit shy and timid. When I’m doing a movie, that’s my job. When I’m running the club, that’s my job. Handling people I’ve never met before is not my job. So it was a very multi-tasking situation. But it was nice. I like understanding people and teaching them, so it felt really good for me. But it was definitely scary!”

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club season 1 cast (Elite Daily)

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