'Modern Family' star Ty Burrell Joins Amy Poehler Fox Animated Comedy ‘Duncanville’ as 'Jack'

Last Modified: May 9, 2019

Ty Burrell, the star of Modern Family as Phil Dunphy has been cast as a series regular opposite Amy Poehler in her animated comedy titled Duncanville. He also recently starred in Rough Night opposite Kate McKinnon and voiced Bailey in Finding Dory.

Source: hollywoodreporter (Ty Burrell)

The plot

The animated comedy centers around a 15-year-old boy named Duncan, his friend and family. 

Fox had put out a 13-episode order for the series in October 2018 and Poehler will lend her voice to main character Duncan as well as his mother Annie, a parking enforcement officer who dreams of being a detective.

Ty Burrell, on the other hand, will voice Duncan’s father and Annie’s husband Jack, a classic rock-obsessed plumber who’s determined to be a better dad than the one he had.

Burrell’s character constantly posts posting wonderful things about his family on Facebook but is annoyed when his kids are not his friends on Facebook.

Source: Time Magazine (Amy Poehler)

Cast and Production

Other cast includes Rashida Jones, who will play Mia, Duncan’s on-again, off-again crush. Wiz Khalifa will voice a much-loved teacher, guidance counselor, occasional gym coach and nurse at Duncan and Mia’s school named Mr. Mitch.

The animated series produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Universal Television, and Amy Poehler’s Paper Kite banner is to premiere as a part of Fox’s 2019-2020 season lineup. The show is written by Mike and Julie Scully, who are also the writers The Simpsons. 

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