“Fuller House” coming to an end? ‘Fans are rebelling’ says Bob Saget!

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Despite the array of fans rooting for the rebooted 90’s show Fuller House, it has come to an end. An announcement was made through a compilation video featuring clips from the series while the cast promised that they have saved the best for the last.

Who are the casts? Is there a new season?

The Full House revived series has run for four seasons since it aired on February 26, 2016. The fifth and final season has been renewed and is under production, as per the announcement in February 2019. All fans, cast, and crew are happy to come back for the new season.

The much-loved cast members include Andrea Barber, Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron Bure, Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, Ashly Liao  Soni Nicole Bringas, Michael Campion, Elias Harger, Juan Pablo Di Pace, and Scott Weinger.

Source: Instagram (Fuller House cast)

John Stamos who plays Jesse Katsopolis has recurring appearances while the Olsen twins, Ashley Olsen, and Mary-Kate Olsen, did not reprise the role of Michelle Tanner.

What does the cast say?

Bure, who plays DJ Tanner shared her excitement about the new season,

“Oh my goodness, I would play DJ Tanner for the rest of my life. If the audience wanted it and the networks wanted it, I would do it forever. I love her. I love our Fuller House family, and we really are family off screen. The more I get to be with them every day, whether it's working or just in everyday life friendship. It's just incredible, so keep watching! Give us a season five!"

She was also the one to share via Instagram about the new final season!

Source: Instagram (Candace Cameron Bure's tweets)

Barber, who plays Kimmy Gibbler shared,

“Obviously, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. I’m super, super, super excited that we get to come back for a fifth season and do 18 episodes for you. That’s going to be super great. but obviously, I’m also a little bit sad that we know that this is going to be the final season. This is going to be it.”

She continued,

“I’m a little melancholy. I’m relieved that we know ahead of time that this is going to be the final season. I’m glad it wasn’t just a big surprise and we never got to plan for it like in the original Full House. Pushing all the sad stuff aside I’ m really, really excited to get back to work, I’m really excited to make new episodes, I’m really excited to see all my best friends again every day. Above anything else I am super grateful.”

So, when is the next premiere? As per sources, the first episode of the Fuller House season 5 might air in Early December of 2019.

Source: ew (Fuller House cast)

Bob Saget urges fans!

Both fans are finding it hard to let go of the incredible series, especially Saget. In an interview with E! News, the actor revealed,

"Who knows if it's the last season? I don't know. Fans are rebelling." 

Why the sudden cancellation?

Only last year the show’s writer Jeff Franklin, who created Full House was fired amid accusations that he was "verbally abusive". Even though the series is one of the reprised shows having large viewers, it has been speculated that this might be the primary reason.

However, the show's executives and producers have not released an official statement on this matter. 

Source: The Independent (Full House Cast)

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