Top 10 Favourite Resort-Casino Golf Courses

Last Modified: Aug 16, 2022

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If you are a regular gambler, you know that there are not too many options for your next trip to Vegas. Of course, you can hit the tables, but you also have some unique options, and golf is one of them. And in this post, we’ve put together this list of our favorite resort-casino golf courses for 2022. We’ve done our homework (and a little research) and identified the top golf courses you will like. So if you are up for a place that offers something more than just an online casino high roller bonus, then keep reading - we have a couple of outstanding gambling options for you.

The Cromwell

Harkening back to Vegas’ past, the new Cromwell is one of the world's most unique resort-casino golf courses. Built at the base of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, the Cromwell is designed to echo the style and architecture of the former El Rancho Las Vegas. Its signature features include an elevated “riverwalk” and panoramic views of the city’s famous lights. Add an indoor/outdoor course designed by Rees Jones, an upscale resort in its own enclave, and this unique property may just become one of the most popular courses in the world.

The Orleans

The Orleans is unlike any other resort casino in the world. For starters, it’s on the water (of Lake Las Vegas). More importantly, though, is that this upscale resort is the only one in Las Vegas with a real golf course, and it’s truly one of the best golf courses anywhere. Opened in late 2018, the Orleans is as much of a water world as it is a golf course, with many unique and innovative features. For starters, you’ll find a number of “water bunkers” and fairways located at various depths, which forces you to choose your clubs wisely. The unique and challenging layout, even better, though, includes several fairway options that have never before been seen in a Las Vegas resort.


The Palomar is one of Las Vegas’ first resort-casino golf courses, established in 1980. Located at Caesars Palace, this 27-hole course is still as tough as they come, requiring the best golfers in the world to earn their par of 72. In addition, however, the Palomar features one of the most entertaining (and unique) putting greens in the world, with a large ball drop zone. This means that you’re going to be throwing all over the place, and it’s going to make for a great experience.

Other highlights include the spectacular architecture and beautiful lake views, though those aren’t necessarily the reasons why we’d recommend the Palomar. After all, you can still play casino games if you are tired and looking for some thrill. In the event you are up for online gambling, then you can always go to BestAuCasinosOnline and find the most decent gambling venues on the web.

Mandalay Bay

If Mandalay Bay were open during the Golden Age of Las Vegas, it would definitely be included on this list. It has the largest open space and is probably the most unique resort-casino golf course in the world. More than that, though, is that this course was the home of the World Golf Championship for nearly 40 years. It was the site of some of the greatest matches in the game’s history, including The Masters (1974), The Masters (1981), and The PGA Championship (1980). The entire course was also renovated back in 2017, which transformed it into a true golf resort-casino.


The Venetian may be the most famous resort casino in the world, but its golf course doesn’t get a lot of love. We’ll change that because the Venetian offers one of the world's most beautiful resort casino golf courses. When the Venetian was still only a casino, it played host to the world-famous “Battle of the Sexes,” a golf tournament where Arnold Palmer faced Jack Nicklaus. The event took place on the golf course in 1983 and remains one of the most famous in golf history.


The Bellagio is the original resort casino in Las Vegas. It opened in 1998 and, as such, was the first resort casino to completely transform itself into a true resort. It is unlike any other golf course in the world, featuring beautifully decorated and elegant courses that mimic its surroundings. More importantly, the Bellagio is only 20 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, meaning you can spend a weekend vacation and still play a couple of rounds on the golf course. In Bellagio, you can sometimes find famous golf players who are into gambling


You probably didn’t know this, but Bally’s has one of the best golf courses in Las Vegas. Why do we say that? For starters, this is a great course in every single way - from the layout and architecture to the beauty of the property and the amenities. The best thing is that Bally’s is open year-round, which means you can play 18 holes any time you want.

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