“We were homeless” child actress Miffy Englefield reveals life before fame!

Last Modified: Dec 27, 2019

Child actress Miffy Englefield made her acting debut in 2006 film The Holiday as Jude Law’s daughter Sophie. But her life was not so easy!

Miffy Englefield Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Emma Pritchard in 2006 film The Holiday (Image: The New York Times)

In a 2019 interview with Vulture, the actress revealed that she was actually homeless before landing the role. When asked what made her want to start acting at a young age, she shared,

“I did a couple of adverts before it because that was our original aim when I started acting — it was more to do with the fact that I come from a very working-class background. We were homeless. We didn’t have much.”

Miffy Englefield (Image: Instagram)

The actress - now a ­self-described “pint-sized punk rocker” confessed that they had just been housed,

“We’d just been housed; I think it was about a month or so after we were put into permanent housing. We were still getting out of a lot of the issues of homelessness, things like debts and such. 

So yes, it was a very unusual time for us going to the auditions with these very eloquent characters, and then we’d come home to these sorts of things.”

Miffy Englefield (Image: Instagram)

Englefield, now 20 - was only 7 years old when she landed her breakthrough role - went on to explain,

“my dad had me very young with a very young mother, and they split up and it made things very, very, difficult. So all I’d ever known was living in poverty. 

We’d moved around the country, from B&Bs to shelters and things like that for a good two years. And then, suddenly, I started doing these auditions and I got The Holiday and it was just another world.”

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