Who is SteveWillDoIt? Read about the streamer's age, girlfriend, net worth

Last Modified: Sep 12, 2022

SteveWillDoIt - Streamer, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

If you search for the top online casino streamers on Twitch, SteveWillDoIt is one of the names that pop up. Known as SteveWillSendIt in the casino streaming scene, SteveWillDoIt is a popular content creator who made a name streaming on YouTube. As Twitch grew into the leading streaming platform in the world, it was only natural for the broadcaster to move to the site. SteveWillDoIt began creating prank videos before transitioning to casino games. Although he continues with some of his previous content, most of his current videos are about gambling. He particularly likes slots and appears to make a good living playing them live. For this who would like to know more about SteveWillSendIt, below are all the crucial details.

Who is SteveWillDoIt?

Real name Steve Deleonardis, SteveWillDoIt is a content creator. He streams live videos to followers on different sites, mainly Twitch. Steve was born on August 26, 1998, in the United States. Not much is known about his personal life because he is keen to keep most details private. SteveWillSendIt is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Celina Smith, with whom he sometimes broadcasts. Smith is also a Twitch streamer, and the couple occasionally plays video games together.

Steve Deleonardis gifts Celina Smith a car (Image: Instagram- posted Aug 2022)

SteveWillDoIt - Career

The Florida native started his streaming career as part of Nelk Entertainment, an entertainment group that specialized in prank videos. Created in 2013, the Nelk Boys YouTube channel built a cult following with its variety of funny clips. You may have come across a video by the group if you frequent YouTube. If not, you can still find the videos to see how Steve began. The group consisted of content creators from Canada and the US. It entertained audiences by doing crazy pranks on live videos. Nelk grew famous for its outrageous antics that pushed the envelope as far as possible. Their 'Full Send' videos drew large audiences for their degree of insanity.

In 2019, Steve broke away from the group to set up a solo channel. His YouTube was under the name SteveWillDoIt and contained the same content genre. Steve would do insane pranks without caring much about the consequences. He has been arrested severally for going too far. His content also involves doing whatever the audience asks since he sometimes lets viewers pick the challenges. SteveWillSendIt maintained the same character when he switched to gambling streams. He is still known as a prankster, even when playing casino games. Steve sometimes jokes around with the dealers in live casino games to spice things up.

Steve and Online Gaming

A quick look at SteveWillDoIt gambling details will shed more light on the popular content creator. Steve has always been vocal about his love for gambling. Therefore, it wasn't surprising he chose to stream iGaming content. He is among the gamblers that increased the prominence of casino streaming. SteveWillDoIt mostly plays slots and streams his experiences to followers around the world. He broadcasts casino videos about three times a week, with his viewership averaging 4,000 per clip. SteveWillSendIt attracts followers to his Twitch with his big personality. He is loud, daring, and funny. He doesn't miss a chance to prank viewers, even when gambling.

The content creator is also famous for betting huge amounts. He plays for the largest stakes, meaning the wins are just as substantial. However, the streamer has never posted information about his biggest wins. As if this writing, SteveWillSendIt gambles at Stake.com. He was originally a Roobet player. As part of sponsorship agreements, operators are known to fund players to keep them streaming as long as possible. So, SteveWillDoIt is not always spending his own money when wagering on casino games. Since he mostly plays slots, Steve doesn't use any betting strategies. For him, gambling is solely for fun, which he is eager to share.

Steve Deleonardis (Image: Instagram)

SteveWillDoIt - Net Worth

Money is one of the subjects SteveWillSendIt keeps quiet about. So, guessing his worth is not easy. Estimates put it at between $5 and $10. As one of the top Twitch streamers, SteveWillDoIt monetizes his content in different ways. A casino sponsorship with Stake.com is one of his most recent deals, which requires the streamer to play on the site exclusively. The content creator has never revealed the value of the streaming deal, but the crypto casino is known to pay up to $1 million. Subscriptions also contribute to the streamer's income.

SteveWillDoIt - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Deleonardis has thousands of followers on different platforms. His YouTube remains his biggest, with about 4.6 million subscribers. He grew his original channel grew with the Nelk Entertainment content under SteveWillDoIt. The channel contains his greatest pranks and challenges. New fans who might want to see his earlier work will find it here. He has a second YouTube channel, SteveWillDoItTwo, which is not as popular as the first. This one contains his gambling content. Since YouTube banned gambling, links the channel only has short clips.

On Instagram, the streamer interacts with followers under the same banner - SteveWillDoIt. He has more than 3 million followers. Fans who would like a closer look at how the streamer lives should check out his Instagram page. He posts pictures of his day-to-day. A second account has almost a million followers, although it's not as different as the original.

Although not as active on Twitter as other sites, SteveWillDoIt still maintains a presence here. He uses the platform to promote his live videos. The streamer informs viewers of upcoming broadcasts. With over 200,000 followers, SteveWillSendIt reaches a good portion of his audience. He also tweets about giveaways to entice viewers.

The casino player is available on several other websites, including TikTok and Discord. SteveWillDoIt interacts with fans and followers, answering questions on a range of topics.

SteveWillDoIt is one of the most watched casino streamers on Twitch. He likes slot games, although he sometimes bets on blackjack. The content creator entertains audiences through various antics. 

Steve Deleonardis (Image: Instagram)

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