Who’s in the Celebrity Weed Business?

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Celebrity Weed Brands: Top Celebrities Who Own Cannabis Businesses


7 Of the Biggest Names in Cannabusiness

“Budding” Entrepreneurs

Marijuana legalization has led to a wave of investment and innovation in the sector. Breeders have developed some sativa strains to grow at home, while celebrity weed companies are gaining popularity.

Smoking the same cannabis as your favorite star is an attractive prospect. As a result, branded lines of marijuana and related merchandise are a popular and lucrative enterprise for many famous personalities.

7 Of the Biggest Names in Cannabusiness

Many of the best-loved weed brands come from individuals with a background in and a genuine passion for marijuana. Let’s look at some of the most successful celebs putting their money to work in the booming world of cannabusiness.

1. Wiz Khalifa: Khalifa Kush

This young man rose to fame through his music career. His tear-jerking song “See You Again” has become one of the best graduation songs over the past few years. Wiz Khalifa isn’t content to rest on his laurels, as evident in his varied business ventures.

The singer is working with breeders to develop his own line of celebrity weed strains. The first is Khalifa Kush, a premium-grade hybrid cultivar with genetic links to OG Kush. He’s also behind a hugely popular marijuana-growing game for smartphones, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm.

2. The Game: Trees By Game

West coast rapper The Game recently added another arrow to his quiver with Trees By Game. The California-based business offers a range of premium hand-picked cannabis available in flower or pre-roll form.

The Game tests and certifies all the strains available from his brand himself. It’s an excellent chance for fans of the rapper to get their hands on the same potent buds their idol smokes.

What’s even better is that, unlike some branded offerings, Trees By Game offers top-shelf buds at reasonable prices. Products come jarred inside an elegantly-designed box adorned with a rendering of the Los Angeles skyline.

3. Jim Belushi: Belushi Farms

Saturday Night Live star and brother of Animal House legend John, Jim Belushi has recently found himself back in the spotlight. In 2015, Belushi bought a parcel of land along the Rogue river in Oregon and turned his attention to cultivating cannabis.

The K-9 and Red Heat star is taking his new agricultural role seriously, adding “Cannabis Farmer” before his name on Twitter. The success of Belushi Farms has led to an accompanying show called Growing Belushi on Discovery.

Tune in to see the actor banter with visiting buddies like Dan Akroyd and Larry Joe Campbell. Beyond the jokes is a celebrity weed brand owned by a highly involved personality bringing more than just his name to the business.

4. Snoop Dogg: Leafs By Snoop

Snoop Dogg is a modern cannabis icon. While his interests are varied, ranging from competitive gaming to his fondness for the best loafers, his true love is marijuana. 

With numerous weed-themed songs over the years, the Doggfather is deeply associated with the famous herb. Due to his seemingly constant smoking, Snoop discredits the  ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype by running multiple side hustles.

Among those is Leafs by Snoop, which carries eight varieties of high-quality cannabis. Four indica strains, three sativa options, and a high CBD phenotype are available in dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado.

5. Mickey Hart: Mind Your Head

Mind Your Head is a famous weed brand founded by Grateful Dead drummer and all-around hippie Mickey Hart. With a focus on mindfulness, kindness, and sustainability, the star’s company aims to provide its customers with high-grade, naturally-grown cannabis products.

Deadheads looking to buy Hart’s branded pre-rolls can find them on sale in San Francisco Bay Area dispensaries. There are currently two products: tins of “Magic Minis” displaying Hart’s iconic artwork or tubes containing single “Space Tickets.”

The Magic Minis contain Chemdog, a strain supposedly discovered at a Grateful Dead gig. Space Tickets are carefully crafted blunts rolled with hemp leaves and infused with water hash and a blend of indica-dominant flowers.

6. Method Man: Tical

Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man spoke out in support of cannabis legalization long before it became a reality. Now he’s stepped into the marketplace with a marijuana company focused on promoting social equity while providing top-quality products.

Method Man named his venture Tical, an acronym for “taking into consideration all lives.” The rapper coined this phrase in 1993, and it’s also the title of his debut album. His brand offers a range of premium weed depending on purchasers’ locations.

The Michigan-based company began working with primarily Black-owned dispensaries in the area to address their underrepresentation in the sector. It’s since expanded distribution to stores in California, Arkansas, Colorado, and Nevada.

7. Willie Nelson: Willie’s Reserve

Few cannabis celebrities can boast a career as long or successful as the country legend and pot lover, Willie Nelson. The 89-year-old singer is a longstanding proponent of legalization and credits the herb with saving his life.

Nelson entered the world of cannabusiness in 2015 with Willie’s Reserve. Brand spokesman Michael Bowman described the company as the Whole Foods of legal marijuana.

Willie’s Reserve carries a range of products, from pre-rolls, blunts, and vape cartridges to hemp-infused teas, coffees, topicals, and tinctures.

“Budding” Entrepreneurs

Celebrity endorsements aren’t always a quality marker and are sometimes just bandwagoning and savvy PR. With that in mind, it’s gratifying to see these genuine fans of marijuana succeeding in this rapidly expanding marketplace.

These pioneers of celebrity weed are setting trends, not following them. Each of these stars spoke out in favor of legalizing cannabis at significant risk to their careers. By sticking to their principles, these legends have earned great respect in the eyes of many.

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