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Last Modified: 5th May, 2024
George "Joji" Miller
Nick Name
Filthy Frank , Joji, The Pink guy, Salamander Man, Safari man, Lemon Guy
Best Known For
TVFilthyFrank (YouTube channel)
Net Worth
$8.00M Under Review
$ Under Review
Social Media Presence
Personal Detail
Birth Name / Full Name
George Miller N/A
Born on
September 18, 1992 (age 31)
Birth Place
High School
Male N/A
Sexual Orientation
Marital Status
Single N/A
Married Date
Body Measurement
kg N/A
Hair Color
Black N/A
Eye Color
Shoe Size
7 US N/A
Bicep Size
inch N/A
Chest Size
inch N/A
Waist Size
inch N/A
Dress Size
Bust Size
inch N/A
Waist Size
inch N/A
Hip Size
inch N/A
Bra Size
inch N/A
Cup Size
Social Media Presence

Who is George Miller, aka Joji, aka Filthy Frank?

Filthy Frank, now known as Joji or George Miller, is an Australian-Japanese YouTube Personality, singer, songwriter, writer, Humorist, and Vlogger. Is Filthy Frank his real name? Nope, that is not his real name! Read on to learn about his real name and more interesting facts.

Source: Instagram (Filthy Frank/ George Miller)

George Miller/Joji – Age, Parents, Siblings

George Miller was born on September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan. His real name/birth name is George Miller and is well known by the nicknames Joji and Filthy Frank. During his birth, his Australian mother and Japanese father were there in Japan for work reasons. Later the Miller family moved to The United States, settling down in Brooklyn. There are no details available on his siblings or parents.

When George Miller was a young boy of 8, his parents passed away. So he was raised by his uncle Frank. But there is a bit of controversy around that. Some believe that he was joking when he said that while some believe he said so to protect his parents from Internet harassment. There are no facts on his siblings as well.

Education, Ethnicity

Following George Miller's graduation from the Canadian Academy in Higashinada-Ku, Kobe in 2012, he was educated at the University in Brooklyn. Although Frank mostly lived in the States, he kept in touch with his childhood friends. Growing up, he was also a part of Tempura Boyz and a part of four four-team group called Shrimpson Boys.

His ethnicity is Japanese and Australian.

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George Miller/Joji – Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Divorce

George Miller has never been publicly associated with any women romantically. He has not known to be in any relationship or have a girlfriend. Nor has Frank known to be married or have any children or wife. 

So is Filthy Frank gay? This a common question people ask when romantic involvement is not observed. Frank has never come out as gay as of 2018. 

The utter probability is that George Miller is single, likes to keep his love interests private, and is focused on his health and career. He has never been married and sans wife and children.

Source: wattpad (Filthy Frank/ George Miller)

George Miller/Joji – Career


George Miller’s career as a YouTube began in a rather odd way. He had placed a bet against his friend saying he would upload a video with offensive content and still get loads and loads of views.

Keeping his word, Joji uploaded a video on YouTube where he talked about explosive diarrhea. Surprisingly, the video collected 10k views in a very short while. Feeling encouraged and confident, he made his own YouTube channel DizastaMusic, uploading not-so-conventional “filthy” videos, thus the name Filthy Frank. 

Following a series of copyright issues (for music used in his videos) and a risk of losing his YouTube channel (for use of foul words and phrases) with almost a million subscribers, Joji opened a new YouTube channel named TVFilthyFrank

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His new channel, TVFilthyFrank did vary a little from his primary channel in terms of content. Nevertheless, the viewers loved him! Soon enough, his channel had crowded with over 6 million subscribers.

Joji’s videos not only contain vulgar words and phrases but are also sometimes realistic. He often talks about the burning issues of racism, injustice to women, and misogyny.

George Miller also has another YouTube channel by the name TooDamnFilthy, This channel of his has a moderate number of subscribers and views. In 2017, due to health issues, he quit his career as a YouTuber.

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Source: coub (Filthy Frank/ George Miller in one of his YouTube videos)

Music, Writing

George Miller is a writer too and published his book Francis of the Filth’ in September 2017. 

As a musician, Joji has released several albums including Pink Guy (May 2014), Pink Guy (2017), Pink Season, Pink Season: The Prophecy, Joji, In Tongues, and Ballads 1 (2018). Talking about his love for music, he says,

"I've always wanted to make normal music. I just started the YouTube channel to kind of bump my music. But then Filthy Frank and the Pink Guy stuff ended up getting way bigger than I thought so I had to kind of roll with it."


Currently, Joji is signed with 88rising, an American mass media company. In October 2019 it was revealed that he has collaborated with fellow music artists Jackson Wang, Swae Lee, and Major Lazer, on the single Walking.

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Source: Twitter (Filthy Frank/ George Miller)

George Miller/Joji – Health issues

On December 29, 2017, Filthy Frank announced that he would stop making comedy videos because of “serious health conditions.” This came as a shock to the fans as he had not really talked about serious issues and mostly relied on his comic skills.

Earlier in 2014, George Miller had shared with his fans that he had a major brain condition that periodically gives him seizures. But the majority criticized him alleging him of using his ill health to gain more publicity. He later deleted the video.

The fans were highly supportive of Frank’s decision to take a step down from social media.

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George Miller/Joji – Net Worth

George Miller's net worth is estimated at  $8 million while his annual salary is still under review.

George Miller/Joji – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

On social media, Joji is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with millions of followers and counting. He has around 6.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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