Amanda Bynes, Paul Michael breaks off engagement but are still together

Last Modified: Jul 11, 2022

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael have decided to go slow with their relationship- they have broken off their engagement.

According to the Entertainment Tonight insider, “They are still together as a couple, but they have put a pause on their engagement and wedding planning.” adding that changes in their relationship happened sometime in 2021.

“They have gone through ups and downs, together and personally, and realized they might have moved quickly, but they love each other and are still committed to one another.” the source added.

The 36-year-old former actress announced her engagement to Michael on Valentine’s day of 2020 by showing off her massive emerald-cut diamond ring on Instagram. They had met at a sober living facility, after which she moved in which her parents, and grew closer. But after just a month rumors began that the couple had broken up. However,  Michael opposed the rumors saying they never broke up.

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael (Image: PageSix)

In the case of their recent change, ET’s sources revealed, “[Bynes and Michael] are still in a committed relationship and take their relationship seriously. They wear rings now to show their loyalty to each other and as a symbol of learning and growing together, but the rings aren’t everything to them.”

The source also pointed out how much Bynes has grown since her dark days and how Micheal is on the way to changing his career path.

“Amanda looks great and has gotten through many hard and significant experiences that have helped make her an incredible woman. She is sober, killing it, and doing better than ever. Paul is in law school after working in healthcare for 10 years and doing well.”

Bynes who joined Instagram in October 2020, seems to be off the platform for now. She had teased her new single just a few months later.

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