Emily Miller of Too Hot To Handle fame hospitalized after ectopic pregnancy

Last Modified: 9th Sep

Too Hot To Handle star Emily Miller is recovering from an ectopic pregnancy following hospitalization.

“So a few weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant. Although it was a shock it was something I was also quite excited about,” she began in her Instagram post, “However on Tuesday I collapsed whilst being at the shops. I cannot even describe to you the pain- it felt like my whole stomach was collapsing and was quickly rushed to the hospital.”

The 27-year-old actress explained about ectopic pregnancy, “It’s basically where the fetus gets stuck and grows in your Fallopian tube which is fatal and if I had left it much longer my Fallopian tube would have burst. It’s one of those things you just think will never happen to you. I was just so scared. Not only was I about to lose my baby but I was about to have my Fallopian tube removed with the potential of my ovary too.”

Emily Miller, Cam Holmes (Image: Instagram- posted July 2022)

Miller, who has been dating co-star Cam Holmes, shared that her boyfriend was also at the hospital to support her. After surgery, she was discharged from the hospital after an overnight stay and blood tests.

Emily Miller also took the opportunity to share awareness about the medical emergency which affects about 1 in 100 pregnancies.

“I definitely ignored the signs my body was trying to tell me early on about my pregnancy. I can only urge you to get an early pregnancy scan just to be on the safe side to rule out any kind of potential problems,” she shared.

“Please don’t ignore your body,” she concluded.

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