Four Famous Celebs Who Love to Gamble

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Casinos have long been associated with the rich and famous, as places of grandeur and excess. Although they have become more accessible to everyone when someone says casino, we still picture towering columns and high rollers.

It’s true that many casinos are housed in beautiful buildings, such as Marina Bay Sands, a Singapore icon. Another famous casino noted for its architecture is the Casino de Monte Carlo, in the tiny country of Monaco.

These glittering facades house tables of all shapes and sizes. Some are built into hotels, where gourmet dining and spa treatments are luxury accompaniments to the games.

So, it’s hardly surprising that these good-time emporiums have become a playground for celebrities through the years. After several months of filming or being on a promotional tour, the comfort and thrill are enticing.

This interest in the world of gambling by celebrities began long before casinos were the norm. George Washington liked to bet on horses, while the painter Claude Monet won the French lottery.

However, these days, celebrities are showing up at the tables more frequently. For some, it’s a pastime when on holiday, while others are truly passionate. Read on to see which celebrities are hot on the tables these days.

1. Harry, Duke of Sussex

Although he has dropped the HRH, he’s still a prince to many. Some are surprised to discover that he has a penchant for certain casino games, namely blackjack, and roulette.

Harry was spotted once at the Wynn Encore casino in Las Vegas, where he reportedly lost out to the dealer. The former royal kept in good spirits about it, stating that he enjoyed the free drinks.

He was also seen placing it all “on red” in a Bournemouth casino in England. Whether that’s a nod to his hair color or the flag, no one knows. At the time, he was on leave from the military, where he served for a decade.

2. Michael Jordan

Widely considered one of the NBA’s greatest players of all time, Michael Jordan was certainly a basketball giant. He has gone on to be a successful businessman off the court too.

However, the former basketball pro has something in common with royalty, and that’s the game of blackjack. Even while still playing basketball, Jordan was known to be a high-roller.

It seems he had some prowess on the casino tables too, as an eagle-eyed reporter noted Jordan leaving with $800,000. That was after one night in Connecticut, where he didn’t leave until nearly 8 am.

3. Ben Affleck

From Good Will Hunting to Batman, actor Ben Affleck has dazzled on screen for over 20 years. He has taken time behind the camera too, with the acclaimed, Gone, Baby Gone.

Some might think that Ben has enough going on in his personal life that he doesn’t have time for hobbies. Others will have seen him sit at a poker table in televised games.

The fact is, Ben Affleck has an IQ of 154. This lends itself well to learning card strategies and even card counting, which is illegal in some casinos.

He was once asked to leave the Hard Rock Casino because he was winning too much at blackjack. If he ever runs out of cash, he can probably rely on the tables.

4. Matt Damon

Where you’ll find Affleck, you’ll often find Matt Damon. The pair are known for being best buddies who made it big in Hollywood, and their friendship remains strong.

There’s another diversion which they both love, other than writing and acting, and that’s playing the tables. Matt starred in the 1998 film Rounders, where he played a high-stakes poker player, but off-screen he prefers blackjack.

In 2016, he even crashed Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show to play the game live on air. He was kind enough to give $10,000 worth of chips to the audience at the end.

Want to Create Your Own Luxury Casino Night?

Source: Pexels

We’d all like to live it up like celebrities by playing at the tables in Vegas or Monaco. However, you can recreate a luxury casino in your own living room or dining room for one night.

First, hire some tables from a local company. Many offer a croupier along with the table, so you can get the true dealer experience.

Choose from roulette, poker, blackjack, and craps, or maybe have all three. Slot machines might be more difficult to bring in, but you can still play online.

Ask everyone to come in black tie or cocktail dresses, so that you get the added glamour in the room. Your hired croupier or dealer will be dressed for the occasion, so no one will be left out.

You can even hire lookalike celebrities to come along. If you fancy James Bond (Sean Connery or Daniel Craig) playing at your table, it’s possible.

Tribute acts and performers are also popular for casino nights, so get Dean Martin or Michael Bublé on the mic.

The Glitzy Casino Life

Whether you’re just pretending or playing alongside real celebrities, there’s no doubt that casinos are part of the high life. There’s a throwback to the glamour of different ages, and the sounds of the slots bring excitement.

Practice being a high roller like one of these four celebrities, and maybe soon, you’ll meet them at the tables.

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