Kieran Culkin and wife Jazz Charton are expecting second child

Last Modified: May 23, 2021

Kieran Culkin and his wife Jazz Charton is pregnant with their second child.

The revelation came with an Instagram post where Charton is seen walking with their 1-year-old daughter Kinsey Sioux- with an obvious baby bump.

The post was captioned, “34” followed by a birthday cake emoji.

Jazz Charton, Kinsey Sioux (Image: Instagram)

The former model married actor Kieran Culkin in 2013.

“After 25 hours of laboring at home, we arrived at the hospital too late for any pain meds as I was already dilated and ready to push (if I ever do this again I want ALL THE DRUGS, all of them!) and she was out within the hour during a full moon on Friday the 13th,” Charton had shared of the birth of her daughter via Instagram in September 2019, “I’ve never been more in love and we’ve never felt more complete.”

Kieran Culkin, 38, said in 2018, “It just seems like a lot to take on. I suppose if she gets pregnant, that would be fine but it’s really not on our horizon.”

He currently stars as Roman Roy on the award-winning HBO drama Succession.

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