Nico Tortorella, and Bethany C. Meyers pregnant with their first child

Last Modified: Aug 29, 2022

Nico Tortorella and Bethany C. Meyers are going to be new parents.

The couple announced on Thursday that they are pregnant with their first child together. The pair had been struggling to conceive for nearly two years.

Meyers, who is a fitness instructor, took to Instagram to announce their pregnancy, “There is so much to tell you all about this unexpected story of how we finally conceived, but today I just want to sit in the excitement of getting to share our news with all of you.”

“Our rainbow baby is in my belly,” the couple added.

She continued, “For those of you who are still on your journey to parenthood, I know this news may feel painful. I know some of you may have just had another failed cycle, or found out your pregnancy wasn’t viable, or some other hiccup in this wild game they call trying to conceive.”

“About a year ago, a fellow infertility warrior who finally had their rainbow baby told me this - “it sucks until one day it doesn’t” and they were right.” Bethany C. Meyers shared.

Nico Tortorella, Bethany C. Meyers (Image: Instagram)

The actor revealed in September 2021 that they had put their polyamorous relationship on hold in order to have kids.

On the podcast Call Her Daddy, she confessed, “I’m only having sex to get pregnant right now. And I haven’t had sex with a dude in two years. I haven’t had sex with anyone except for my partner since February 2020. Which is strange. We have never been this monogamous and straight in the 15 years that we’ve known each other. It’s been a f–king process. I’m addicted and in love with the idea that I will have a child soon, and all of my energy is directed to that person.”

The 35-year-old soon-to-be-mom and her 34-year-old partner have been open about their infertility journey over the last couple of years. Back in June,  Meyers shared of her journey to conceive, “One minute you’re smiling at your birthday pics, the next minute you’re crying in bed on a Tuesday morning, moments later you’ll put on a happy face for your zoom meeting. That’s what the TTC (trying to conceive) journey is.”

Nico Tortorella, who is bisexual, and Bethany C. Meyers have been together for 16 years and had finally married in 2018 in a courthouse wedding where the groom wore polyamorous queer unisex clothing made up of gossamer white draped silk jersey Grecian gowns.

Nico Tortorella, Bethany C. Meyers wed in 2018 (Image: NewYork Post)

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