Teenage heartthrob Erik Von Detten is now a dad!

Last Modified: 9th Sep

Erik Von Detten, the teenage heartthrob who rose to fame with Brink and Princess Diaries has recently welcomed his first child with his wife Angela von Detten.

She announced on Instagram on May 2, 2019, along with a sweet post of their baby.

“Welcome to the earth sweetie. Giving birth was the most magical experience of my life so far. I didn't think it was possible to love so deep...seriously I love you more than life itself my baby Claire Bear. Daddy and I are so blessed you chose us. Thank you for being our sweetest treasure and adventure that's to come."

Claire Elizabeth von Detten (Instagram)

Angela then went on to reveal the name of their daughter- Claire Elizabeth von Detten, born on 17 May 2019 weighing 5 lb 13.5 oz and 19 inches tall.

The former Disney star has left his acting days far behind and now works in sales and performs at his local community theater in Santa Monica. In an interview with  Romper.com, he revealed why he had chosen privacy over fame,

"I really enjoy acting from time to time [when] I've had the opportunity to do it — the neighborhood play and whatnot. 

I never reached super fame, if you will. I was always kind of, under the radar at some extent, and I really enjoyed that actually because I think that if you become too famous I guess, you can't really even have much of a private life."

Erik Von Detten, Angela von Detten (Instagram)

His last film credit was in 2010 when he voiced the role of Sid in Toy Story 3. However, he again was in the spotlight in June 2016 as he attended the premiere of Adventures in Babysitting with his niece and nephew. 

Back in the day, Erik Von Detten had revealed that he had a hard time dating as women “believed” that he was the smooth-talking Josh from Princess Diaries, 

I'm sure there were a fair amount of girls," he said, "that were probably too quick to judge me as that character."

He then met his future wife through mutual friends and tied the knot on 25 August 2018.

Erik Von Detten, Angela von Detten (Instagram)

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