Three celebs who love betting

Last Modified: Feb 22, 2022

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Hollywood scriptwriters have a long and well-documented love for the gambling industry. Over the years, they have churned out many memorable movies based on both sports and casino gambling, including The Gambler and The Hustler. Betting is often the main theme of the movie, or the industry plays an important role in the backdrop, and you’ll find a strong tie with betting in the movies Snatch, Casino Royale, Oceans 12, and gangster movie Casino.

The links between gambling and the movie business go further, with many stars on the big screen confessing they love to bet. These famous faces don’t gamble like the average person you’ll find at a roulette table or using Vegas betting sites on their smartphone app. These are the big players, high rollers, and the players that wager huge amounts of cash on events like the Super Bowl, English Premier League, and the NBA. Not only do many stars like to bet big, but they also love to win big and have the budget to blow a hole in the bookies.

There are many stories of stars landing the kind of winnings that would be life-changing to average bettors. In this article, we pick out three celebrities that love to bet and have spoken at length of their passion for wagering on sports and casinos, either at land-based betting offices or online using desktop computers and smartphone apps.

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Ben Affleck

Followers of Ben Affleck know he is a multi-talented individual who has enjoyed success in everything he has turned his hand to. He’s an award-winning actor who is known worldwide, cast in the most famous movies. He’s also a decorated director and screenwriter. But did you know Affleck has a skill and passion for poker? He’s rather good at it too. Ben has played poker at amateur and professional levels, competing in several respected tournaments. It’s rumored that his winnings from poker total more than a million dollars.

Matt Damon

No stranger to playing gritty roles in movies with a gambling theme, Matt Damon calls on his personal experience when preparing for these roles. The global superstar has spoken many times of his love for casino betting, playing at the biggest bookies in Las Vegas and Europe as well as online. Damon starred in the poker movie Rounders and became Johnny Chan’s apprentice for a prolonged period. Using the experience gained from poker’s biggest name, Matt has won many respected tournaments.

Paris Hilton

She may not be quite as big in the movie business as the two named above, but Paris Hilton loves gambling and casino every bit as much as Affleck and Damon. For generations, the casino and sportsbook sectors were male-dominated, with females playing little part in the industry. Still, all that has changed, and famous female bettors like Paris are responsible for that. Visit any high-profile casino today, and you’ll notice there are more female poker players than ever before, and this transfers into more professional players. Paris famously won $30,000 during a trip to the casino and seems to have caught the bug. She now plays at casinos and through smartphone betting apps.

How to join the celebs

If you would like to join the celebs mentioned in this article and start placing bets on sports and casinos online you can sign up for an account with a licensed and legal online gambling app. It takes just a few minutes to register and you must sign up only once. You can then bet on your favorite sports fixtures and teams from anywhere using your Android or iOS smartphone device. Follow the steps below to create your online betting account now.

  • Check that online betting is legal in your region

  • Visit the homepage of your chosen bookmaker and click Join

  • Fill in the registration form, providing all the necessary information

  • Create a username and password that is memorable but secure

  • Make a deposit and place a bet

The best online bookmakers offer both sportsbook and casino betting. They also have a live casino betting tab which brings you closer to the action. Play against real opponents through a real dealer using your smartphone or home computer.

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